I want to open all the windows in the house, turn up the music to the fullest volume and dance with the freedom of a light soul. I want to dust and clean and make the house sparkle with love. I want to change the rooms around and make cozy corners for just sitting.

But first I need to kick this nasty bug!

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The Making of Magical…

When Brittany first talked about getting married on the farm, I asked her to tell me in one word how she wanted her wedding to be, her reply was Magical

And so we set to work creating just that – Magical.

Jamie and I cannot take all the credit for the wedding, since it was a joint effort between Jamie and I, Brittany and Jason, Benjamin, Sharlyn, Teriena, Jim and their girls, and many of Brittany’s friends. A family affair for sure.

For many, many Tuesdays we had a girls night wedding craft night where we worked on several projects for the wedding.

I could go on and on about the wedding details, but I would be here for months on end, so I will finish off the wedding posts now, and just say we were able to create Magical!

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