Today I will just be…

pinksun 002a

I have decided to take today for me – to walk through the memories, to explore events of the past few weeks – today I will embrace the silence, today I will write….

Fight – Fight – Fight whispered words that echo through my mind – whispered words I whispered in my mom’s ear from miles away. She fought, and she won – she came through surgery – I was relieved – I slept… she was tired, she could not fight any longer she let go…

For the first time since that day not so long ago I am alone in the house with no chore needing to be done, no detail needing to be looked after, no plans to make, no arrangements to look after – today I will just be .

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  1. Beautiful photo. When did you take it? Did you have your mom in mind when you took it? Or did you find it later and decide that it fit this day perfectly?

  2. I took this photo this morning — I went out onto the big deck just outside of my office and that is the scene that was presented to me. It fit today.

  3. ((Truddle)), “be still and know”.

    What a lovely gift to wake up to.

  4. Thank you Shawn.

  5. […] The Sunday after the memorial (August 16th)I decided that I would take the next day to myself. Jamie was due to go back to work, and this would be the first real day I would have alone in the […]

  6. I saw the same PINK SUN-RISE too and my life has not been the same…if only I could talk with you about it, it would make my whole life better…am on FaceBook and my name is Victoria Rachel A-chieng Jalango. Pls come and see 200 spectacular pictures detailing my story about that beautiful SUN-DAY morning at DAWN…

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