The story of pink…

1949 carnation pink

Mom often told the story of how when she was very young she received a box of crayons, and in this box of crayons was the most beautiful pink crayon she had ever seen. Something she had never seen before. Mom treasured this crayon and used it sparingly to make it last as long as she could. It was from this moment that pink became mom’s favorite color. Mom would have been about 11 when she recieved that box of crayons.

(Note: the pink carnation crayon color is much brighter today than when it was first introduced in 1949 – the picture above is the original version, and it came in a box of 64 crayons. It is said that Piggy Pink of today is very close to the original carnation pink color)

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  1. I liked the softer colors we had when we were younger too. I guess todays kids would be bored with them.

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