10 weeks…

Ok I will put up this weeks photo’s of Bosley….. but after this I will slow down on the puppy pictures. I don’t want you guys to get bored…


One of Bosley’s favorite things to do is pack things about. And if the something happens to be a stick then even better!

He has grown in the couple of weeks since he has joined our family… and each day we love him more. Even Dudley who is being a wonderful big brother.  The cats are doing fine with him as well, and he with them. So harmony is settling nicely.

Bosley had his well puppy check this past Thursday, and Dr. Al said that he is a happy, healthy puppy. (we already knew that). He received his second set of shots, and de-wormer. He goes back at the end of May for his next set of shots — and then he is good until he goes in for his alteration.. which will probably happen near the end of the summer. He will start puppy classes in September with Jamie — but already knows how to sit, and mostly walks pretty good on the leash, although he does at times thinks that it would be better chewed than attached to him.


We are getting a pretty good routine down with him — he gets several off leash walks a day on the property — the leash walks are just for practice and to get him used to the leash.
He is not fond of rides in the jeep yet, and tends to sing a lot of the drive, but we know that will pass and he will be fine. Just need a little more practice with that.

I have his travel kennel next to my office chair and during the day he goes in there to nap. The door stays open, and when he needs a rest he just goes in.

At night he is still sleeping with Jamie and I, but soon will have his own bed up there to sleep in. We have found that allowing the babies to sleep with us, helps to ease the transition away from their siblings and mom with far less stress.

He mostly goes outside to do his ‘business’ with only a couple of accidents when he has gotten overly excited. My office opens to the big deck which is open to outside, which is a well fenced yard about double the size of a standard city lot and during the day he is free to come and go as he pleases – from my office to the decks, to the yard. At night we hang out in the rest of the house, with baby gates and doors closed to the areas that are not puppy safe. He has a bed in the living room next to Dudley’s, and will crash on there after he is done his night play and then be carried up to bed.

It is getting easier with him now as he does not need to have a constant eye on him to make sure he is not getting into something or doing something where he could get hurt.

He is pretty attached to me. And will come to me when I call him ‘most’ of the time. He likes to be in whatever room of the house I am in, and loves it when we go out on the other big deck to play soccer. The ball is pretty much bigger than him, but he pushes it along with his front feet, and then waits for me to give it a kick so he can go chase it.

He knows to sit when it is dinner time and not rush the food. When cookie time rolls around he prefers the big ones over the little ones….

All in all he is a wonderful little puppy and we are all very glad he has joined our family….
So there you have it… the puppy update…

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  1. Aww, you could never bore me with puppy pictures. Seems like there might have been a Bosley shaped “hole” in the family that he’s filling quite nicely.

  2. Sometimes I wish I could have a puppy and watch it grow into a nice pet and companion. Maybe one day. It has been a long time since I’ve had a dog…26 years!

    Bosley is so cute. He looks like a very sweet pal!

  3. He’s so adorable, Truddle. Makes me almost (but only almost!) wish I had a puppy just like him. 🙂

  4. Precious! Precious! I hope you keep sharing him as he grows! 🙂

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