Lion or Lamb?

For as long as I can remember the month of March was always awaited with much anticipation – what would the first of the month bring?

“In like a lion – out like a lamb

In like a lamb – out like a lion”

I have always enjoyed the first option of the two, as it ment that once the weather turned and started getting nice, summer was well on it’s way. With the second option, it seems like you are just getting used to the nicer days, and then wham… the weather would get miserable.

I woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain — so for us this year it will be a “In like a lion – out like a lamb”. So what about you?

Hey everyone, how are you doing? I cannot believe it was Valentines day when I last wrote in this blog. OIY, time sure does have a way of getting away from me. Although those of you who have me on facebook know that I am still alive and kicking about, doing normal Truddle stuff.

Yesterday I spent the day making strawberry jam. 39 half pint jars worth of strawberry jam. Today it will be blackberry jelly and raspberry jam. I know, crazy time of the year to be doing jam, but actually if you think about it, it really is not so crazy. Making it this time of the year I am not fighting the heat! It was actually very pleasant. Although this is not the weekend I had planned on doing the jam – it had to be done. We had our beef order come in, so we had to clear room out of the freezer.

strawberry jam

So now that I have peeked in here, it is time for me to head back into the kitchen and get things going. I will try to check in again a bit sooner next time!

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  1. Yummmmm! The strawberry jam looks delicious. 🙂

    Did you use frozen berries? I never would have thought to make jam this time of year, but I can see how the warmth and the humidity would be wonderful, not to mention the scent of strawberries.

    I’m still refusing to go to the dark side (Facebook), mostly because they seem to have some security issues. Not that the same can’t be said for Twitter or most any other place on the internet these days.

  2. Yes I used frozen berries. We bought the strawberries last summer, and it was just to hot for me then to turn on the stoves and start making jam. (This hormonal furnace stuff is for the birds).

    Not only did I freeze the strawberries, but also the blackberries and raspberries, all of which are now tucked nicely into little jars. 56 pints worth!

  3. ola! Delicious looking jam, but the thought jammed up in my head now is that what will you do with so much of it?!!

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  5. We’ve had a relatively mild March, although we did have noisy high winds on Monday. Very noisy and messy. It actually woke me up and kept me awake for a couple of hours!

  6. First of all let me say, I love your blog. I stumbled upon it and I’m so glad I did because you have some wonderful content!

    Do you sell your jam? It looks lovely! I never thought of making jam now and with the icky weather, I guess it’s as good as time as any. If you do sell your jam, you should try this cool site for Canadian moms where you post venues and services in local areas to help other moms.

    They also have cool places to go to if March Break is a little wet.

    Here’s the link:

    take care!

  7. No I don’t sell my jam… I do give a fair bit of it away to family and friends though…. and it really does look nice sitting all lined up on the shelves. I think part of the pleasure of making jam is in the sitting and looking at it.

  8. Hey Truddle..did you change your blog..I wasn’t sure where I was. :O

    Anyway, I enjoyed catching up on your world and I wanted to leave you a note here. How creative and smart you are!! My most favorite jam is blackberry jam!!! I still can’t believe they just grow wild delicious.

    Thank you for sharing your world.

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