It’s a bit early don’t you think?

So the other day when I was sitting outside on the covered/closed in deck with Jamie, chit chatting about our day I heard a familiar noise.  Bst, Bst, Bst… No it couldn’t be… could it?

I got up, and went to the door to have a look out. Not a sign, nothing… ok just my ears playing tricks on me.

Then this morning when I was outside having a look about to see what type of day it was going to be, I heard that same noise…. and then right before me I saw it! So I was not hearing things the other day.

The sky is clear this morning, and it is cold out there with a heavy frost on the ground… but there he was… a puffed up, fat and sassy looking… Humming Bird! My camera of course was in the house, but even if I had it with me it is doubtful I would have had the time to get his picture. But tell me isn’t it a bit early for Humming Birds?

I am now on my way to the kitchen to make some Humming Bird food – and perhaps maybe I should consider knitting a teeny tiny sweater as well!

So any Humming Birds in your area yet?

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  1. IIII KNOW!!! i was certain i heard one the other day as well… but i was sure it was my brian playing tricks…. thank you for making me feel like i am not crazy! lol

  2. no humming birds here yet. we still get quite cold at night, -10 or so.

  3. It does seem very early, but of course, it’s fairly warm here.

  4. Love the photo. Way too early for flowers here.

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