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Good Morning Blogland!

Thought I would sneak in here early and get a post up. Seriously I do intend to post every day, but well you all know how that goes — but I am here now.

One of the things that I have been thinking about for awhile now is building a meditation/thinking/just sit garden – or perhaps just a spot in the garden. I want this spot to be fairly close to the house, but at the same time have it so that it is a quiet and private. Possible? Sure why not! Right now this garden spot is plans only in my mind, but I will be putting them on paper soon, and hopefully as soon as the weather warms enough to get outside for any length of time those plans will be put into reality. Maybe by the end of summer or sooner I will have pictures that I can show you of ‘my’ spot.

‘My’ Spot… how funny that sounds in my head, or here in print. Seems my whole life I have been trying to create ‘my’ spot. Interesting….

So moving on… I was finally able to capture a picture of this fellow the other day. I tell you these guys are hard to get a picture of  (at least for me), they seem to spook easily. But on this day I just happened to be in the right spot at the right time with my camera in hand.




When you were in school, did you have a favorite color of ink that you loved to write with? Do you now? I did – see the color of this guys wings, the blue… that was my color, and I think that is why I like this bird.  His coloring somehow gives me warmth. Weird I know. He can be a nasty bird, and we have had some interesting run ins with him over the years for sure. Stealing all our camp food – throwing pine needles at us while we were in the hot tub on vacation…  but still the blue…

Ok time for me to get out of here for now…  back to work (speaking of work, check out the Connections blog, you could win a free signed book!)

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  1. Beautiful shot, Truddle. 🙂

    I’m partial to purple ink. But blue is good, too.

  2. Thanks Robin….

    This was a particular shade of blue, and I have’nt seen it since my school years, not the normal blue.

  3. love the picture.

  4. I was always a fan of green ink. It’s uncommon and unusual, like moi.

    Great shot!

  5. Find me a yellow bird. THAT’S my color…yellow. The brighter, the better.

  6. Charlotte thank you for visiting and than you for your kind comment!

  7. Stevo can you still buy pens with green ink? I think I will look next time I am out, as green was my second color of choice.

    Thanks for the comment on the picture – I have seen your pictures which are breath taking so to get a ‘great shot’ from you makes me proud 🙂

  8. Corina — coming right up!

  9. […] Special Request… One of my blog friends Corina left a comment in my last post with a special request. These images are for […]

  10. He is beautiful, but dang they’re mean! We have one that chases a 110 lb Lab back into the house.

    Look for RSVP pens. They make pretty blue, green, and the coolest pink and purple pens I’ve seen in ages.

  11. Shawn your right those Blue Jays are beautiful, and a big pest here, loves garbage cans and pestering the dogs and cats…. they dont have much of a voice for sing song…..but at least they are beautiful! LOL

  12. My eyes are open for RSVP pens… thanks for the tip Shawn.

    You are right they can be mean… but so far these ones are just being hungry 🙂

  13. Teriena, I have discovered that there is more to their voice than we give them credit for. The swack is their warning call… but the other voice once you hear it is quite beautiful

  14. I am researching online the name Mystic Creations. I am an Artist who can’t decide what media is my own yet! And I found these lovely pictures and your blog. Although I NEVER blog – I was so taken with your comment about writing in colors in school I had to respond! I journal now & use the RSVP pens Shawn mentioned & use every color available interchangeably but in High School I used what they called PEACOCK BLUE ink. It’s that turquoise-y color exactly captured in your bird!

  15. Jodi thank you so much for your response and thank you for reminding me of the name of the ink. Peacock blue… that is it! Have you seen my other blog … named Mystic Creations? Linked over there —> in my blog roll.

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