Connections — how are you doing it?

Wow it has been a crazy past few months… but hopefully everything is starting to settle here in Truddle~land now.

If feels like forever since I have really sat down here to blog… blog in the way that I used to… and so here I am now, just letting my fingers walk through the keys on my keyboard, and say what they will….

Does anyone here remember the days since past when you would meet up on the internet in your favorite chat room, to chit chat with your friends from around the world. This is before Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. There was no such thing as blogs, although we did have what we called Homepages, which in a sence were much like the blogs of today. It seems now there are so many options to connect with friends, that one cannot simply go to one spot to interact. I think I miss that!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do like Twitter and Facebook, and yes I use both, and feel free to hunt me down on either and ‘Friend’ me if you so choose. It is just some days while sitting in my office alone, no TV on, no music playing in the background — in other words in a quiet house — and it all seems very noisy. There are times that I have to push the X on my computer, just to hear my own thoughts. Weird I know.

How are you finding time to connect with your online friends? Do you do it through your blog or other social media outlet? How do you find the time to spend real quality time with them?

I have this blog – my mystic creations blog – my work community blog – Facebook – Twitter – email – Instant messenger (although I tend to leave this off for the most part) – Discussion boards —- and the list goes on. It is almost to much. I miss really connecting with people on here. I miss meeting new people, although since I have set up twitter and facebook I am meeting more — but something just seems to be missing.

Connections — how are you doing it?

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  1. Oh how I agree. I have MySpace. Tried Facebook and got kicked off. Just as well. I have the blog for the art league and I get tired of trying to keep them all current. Really tired and almost discouraged. I wanted them to be rewarding. Not some kind of bondage for my time. I wanted to use them to post art. My time for art seems to be diminishing more and more. I do still browse the blogs of my friends but have left no comments. I don’t know if it is loss of family and friends this year, the ongoing bout with cancer for one of my best friends or all of it. Something is draining my spirit. Perhaps that sounds a bit severe. I will be fine.

  2. I have only gotten the internet in the last 5 months and so far I only have twitter and facebook. most of my contact is still the old fashion way-the telephone or letters.

  3. It is difficult to keep it all going but I find that the more I read and comment on blogs, the more I find others responding to my comments and starting a “conversation” of sorts. I don’t think I would recognize most of my connections by sight but if I got a writing sample from them, I’d know who they were.

    I’d love to meet people from this world in other worlds. I think the layers make us each more real.

  4. FYvEyb comment4 ,

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