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Hey you guys.. I have a quick favor to ask of you….


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Let it Snow – Let it Snow – Let it Snow

Hey you guys – Do you remember this time last year I was wishing for snow – if not you can go here to read about it. As you know that snow never came about in time for that photo shoot… but holey moley are we ever getting it this year!

We have had several snow storms this past week… one right after the other – and it is just amazing out there. In fact as I type this there is yet another snow storm happening, with our world getting blasted once again!

Sharlyn took this photo of Sullivan after the first dump of snow — we have had much, much more since this was taken!


So with all the snow storms we have had this past while I am way far behind… and I am so not kidding about this! I finished my wrapping yesterday – and we finally found a potted tree for our Christmas tree – Jamie brought it home after work yesterday, covered in snow, so at this moment it is sitting in my entry way getting dry – it will get decorated today.

My house is turned upside down, and I still need to hit up the grocery store —- I have a houseful of company expected tomorrow and boxing day (the day after Christmas) — this company is expecting to be fed. Where am I? Finally after a long time away from my blog… I get the urge to blog. HA HA HA HA

Am I in a panic? Na – no point. Everything will get done. The company will get fed so no worries.

There are a lot of people in my world grumbling about the snow – how much they hate it – walking around with glum faces — I simply tell them….

There is nothing we can do about the snow. We do not have control over it – it is out of our hands. We have to choices here. We can choose to hate it and walk around with sour expressions until it goes away, or we can love it, and appreciate what it brings with it. The beauty, the stillness. The reasons to slow down – I choose the second option.

Thinking about this — There are so many things in our lives that we have no control over and those two options I mentioned about are always there. How we get through those rough times I believe depends on which of the two options we choose. I can remember back to the early days of Jamie and mine marriage. We never had two cents to rub together – bill collectors called so regular we got to know them by name. It felt at times like the world was trying to beat us down… but we persisted through those rough times, and because we never gave option one a chance we have come out the other end better for it. We took the rough times as a learning experience and grew from them. We became closer, more bonded, and we made it — together!

It is because of those rough times in our lives that we grow, learn and move forward. If everything was always peaches and cream, the lessons would end, we would eventually come to a stop in our growth. Our eyes would become closed to the world around us. I don’t know about you guys, but I know I for one sure don’t want that to happen. I want to feel alive!

So for now, I just say…

Let it snow – Let it snow – Let it snow!

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Freedom Found…

Look whos walking dec1708
(Sullivan – 11 months)

Just a quick update to share the exciting news… Sullivan took his first steps last night! Lots of practice coming up…

Will sit down soon and write some good ole updates!

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11 Months…

2008 12 07 001
(Sullivan – 11 months)

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