We Have Lift Off!

Although Sullivan has been able to move himself about for the past month it as always been in reverse – but not no more. This little boy has now found the Drive gear, and is able to move in a forward motion now.

(Sullivan – 8 months)

Not only is he moving in forward, he is also starting to pull himself up on things!

(Sullivan – 8 months)

We have to be careful now to move low items around the house up higher, and to get rid of the dangly things such as table cloths. For these little fingers grab for anything to pull himself up with. Fun to watch for sure!

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  1. He’s so adorable. 😀

    Better watch out. He’ll be walking soon. Then you’ll really be in trouble. lol!

  2. Yup, better invest in a good pair of running shoes.

  3. Oh he is gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing him..you made my heart smile and brought back sweet memories.

    I will come back to check out your game.

    Ps Nice new look here! 🙂

  4. wowie! Sharlyn will have her hands full for sure. baby gates are now on the shopping list, I just love how proud of himself Sulli looks what an imp!

  5. In just a few days he has perfected his crawling to feet flat on the floor, bum up in the air — yup we are in trouble!

  6. Great looking kid, I am sure glad that time frame is over for me, mine was a one man wrecking crew..Good Luck on chasing him around 🙂 🙂

  7. Good Heavens! Where does the time go? What are ya’ll feedin’ that baby? He is growin like a weed. So squeezable!
    Your comment was very supportive of my latest painting. Artists need that kind of exclamation. That is partly what this blog is for…so someone can share in my little artistic efforts now and then. Thanks.

  8. Once they start, they never stop! He’s adorable.

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