Peeking in…

In just over a week, Sullivan will be 8 months old, so I thought I better get a couple of 7 month  pictures up here before then!

Hi first tooth broke though last Thursday, and although it is still mostly hidden away it won’t be long before I will be showing you those first tooth pictures.

(Sullivan 7 months)

(Sullivan 7 months)

It has been a crazy busy summer, as you can well tell with the amount of time I have been posting here on this blog. But it won’t be long and the cooler days of fall and winter will set in, and then  maybe I will be able to get back to posting more regular.

Tonight Jamie and I are heading to my eldest daughters home to celebrate the 13th birthday of our eldest grand daughter. Hard to believe that she is that age already, but she does know that no matter how old she gets she will always be grandma’s little angel.

Jamie has started work on the new shedrow for the horses, and in a few weeks time it should be finished, and just in time for the fall and winter months. Maybe then we can retire the old barn, which it is in desperate need of!

I have taken a lot of pictures over the summer, many of which I will share with you over the next little while. Not to mention next week is fair weekend for us, so there should be some new pictures from that.

So with that I am out of here again. It is a long weekend here, and I have a lot on my list to do, so I had best get started.

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