What did you do on the weekend?

So Friday evening Jamie and I are sitting outside on the big deck, discussing what we will do over the weekend. Sharlyn and Sullivan were heading out for the weekend to go to a weekend concert in the city, which included camping over. Jamie and I were going to have the weekend to ourself with a big block of free time. It was supposed to rain on and off for most of the weekend, so any outside projects we have on our list were going to be put off until Sunnier days.

“So what do you think?” I asked Jamie — “can ‘it’ be done and how long will ‘it take'”

So as most of you know, at least those of you who have been following along with the life and times of Truddleland, Jamie and did a huge whole house renovation / add on about 10 years or so ago… (wow has it really been that long?!?!?!) You will also know that this renovation is still not totally done. You will know that on the main floor of the house we have plywood floors still in the kitchen, laundry room, and living room….

Well ok, we used to have plywood floors in the kitchen, laundry room and living room. As of this late yesterday afternoon we only have plywood floors in the kitchen and laundry room. Our living room is now finished!

Friday night at about 7:00 pm Jamie and I headed into town to have a look at the flooring, and to pick up chinese food for dinner. We arrived back home around 9:00 p.m. with a Jeep full of flooring and a bag holding the chinese food. We ate our dinner, rolled up our sleves and dug in. First we moved all the flooring into the hallway – all 23 boxes of it, along with 3 rolls of foam backing. We moved everything out of the living room and into the dining room. I mean everything! Every knicknack, all the furniture, which includes 3 couches, tons of baby stuff, all the curtains from the 5 windows in the living room. By the time we went to bed on Friday night the living room was empty, and the dining room was full to the brim!

2008 07 25 019

First thing Saturday morning we dug in with the floor. Jamie worked on the floor, and I helped him where I could with that, and when I was not helping him I was washing curtains, windows, woodwork, and everything else that was in the room.
2008 07 25 018

We worked throughout the day and by the time we headed to bed Saturday night we were halfway done.

Sunday we finshed up with the last half of the floor as well as hung curtains, re-attached base boards (Jamie built the baseboards so that they are attached in a hinged fashion so they can flip up to hide wires and plugins.)

2008 07 26 002

2008 07 26 005

and by the time Sharlyn and Sullivan arrived back home the floor was done!

2008 07 26 008

By the time we went to bed last night all the furniture had been moved back into the living room!

2008 07 26 013

2008 07 26 014

As you can see both Dudley and Tye were exhausted!

So today we will finish fluffing the living room (putting back pictures and other such things), and give the dining room a little bit of sugar as well to sweeten it up after holding all that stuff.

So – that is what we did over the weekend…. what were you up to?

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The Innocence of Discovery…

There is something beautiful in witnessing the Innocence of discovery!

(Sullivan – July 2008)

This little snuggle bunny has captivated this grandma’s heart in a way that is so pure and intense.

Surrounded by toys, sitting in the middle of the living room floor, playing happily when he stops…  Something has caught his eye.

The stitching on his overalls!

Toys forgotten for a moment as his little fingers reach inward to see what it is his eyes have spotted. The pure innocence of discovery!

I don’t know if I can explain the depth of emotion this simple picture pulls from my heart – but the first time I seen this picture on my computer screen as I watched my photo program pull in the images – and the many times I have viewed it since – my breath catches and tears form in my eyes.

Having watched my own children grow from this stage of innocent discovery to the young adults they are today, I know how fast this stage will fly by. The stage of innocence – the stage of innocent discovery.

When do we loose that?

As days, weeks, months and years move by, as in a blur. Somewhere – somehow we have forgotten to open our eyes, our hearts, our arms to discovery.

I don’t know what life has to offer my grandchildren – I can only pray that life will treat them kindly. Will give them peaceful moments where nothing matters but the moment.. the moment of innocent discovery.

I hope that somehow, one day, as they move quickly through their days – as the breeze of a summer day catches a lock of hair, to blow it softly over their eyes – they will turn and know that I am there, reminding them of these days – These days that are filled with the innocence of discovery!

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6 months gone by….

Look who is now 6 months old! At 26 inches long and 20 pounds Sullivan continues to grow.


On his 6th month birthday he had his first dip in the ocean — and loved it!


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Another new visitor…

I had another new visitor in the yard today. Again like the cedar wax wings I have not seen this fellow around before, or at least not that I noticed. Anyone know who he is?


He only sat for a moment for me to catch his picture and then he was off.


I think I am going to have to invest in a bird book, so I can figure out the names of these amazing birds without having to bug you guys!

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No words…

Sometimes no words are needed. Today is one of those days! 



orange magic

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True Love?!?!?!

Have you ever had a moment when you were thankful you had your camera in hand? Today was one of those moments for me!

As I stood on the big deck, just thinking about life in general I could hear the eagles off in the distance. Turning to look at the sky just in time to see this scene.

I felt blessed to say the least!


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