Select – Pluck – Swallow

We seem to still be waiting for summer to arrive in our neck of the woods. I can count on one hand the number of full sun, warm days we have had. Each morning I wake up hopeful that the turn is coming, seems I am mostly greeted by clouds… but it could be worse!

The cedar waxwings are still hanging around, and I am loving watching their antics. Since their arrival into the hawthorn tree I have watched them munch down on the berries, but could not seem to get a picture of their dining pleasure as the process happened very quickly. Scout out the perfect berry, grab it, swallow. However after many weeks of watching them, I finally got their routine down, and managed to get the photo I was hoping for.


I know that they have a nest somewhere, or at least I am presuming they have a nest, as I have watched them fly overhead with nesting material clutched in their beaks – no sign of babies yet, but I am on the lookout.

Just this morning I spotted them having a drink out of the bird bath, which was a first or at least a first that I have seen. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me, so the photo is living only in my memory. (I really have to learn to keep my camera with me at all times!)

On the home front, things are going well. Despite the rain I did finally get the garden in. Not sure how productive it will be as it has been only string and sticks marking the rows, with no sign of green other than the never ending weeds. However when I checked yesterday, after one of our rare sunny days, things have started to pop out of the ground, so I remain hopeful.

Benjamin has been called out to two fires and several smoke chases so far this season. The fires were man made, with one being a forgotten campfire and the other a mini propane bottle with bullet holes in it. (Are people just plain stupid or what?!?)

Sullivan has reached the 5-month mark and has had his first taste of bananas, which he loves. He is like a baby bird the way he opens his mouth and leans into the spoon. We are still waiting for the arrival of the first tooth, which I am sure will show up soon enough!

I am running out the door now, but will post more soon!

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  1. fantastic picture.. Ben must be happy to be able to do what he loves.. without the bummed out foot.. babies grow up far to quickly.. enjoy the toothless smile for as long as you can.. hope all is well over there.. sending my love your way

  2. What a beautiful shot Truddle, Waxwings are amazing birds and you really did a great job in capturing it’s beauty in this image !!

  3. Thank you so much Bernie!

  4. Stellar capture. Perfect moment, great reflexes.

  5. Stevo thank you so much for your very kind comments and for your visit 🙂

  6. My goodness, that is a gorgeous photo! I love seeing these birds. They used to flock to the wax myrtle outside my bedroom window when I waa a kid. Takes me back.

  7. Thank you so much. Although I am sure they have been around here for a long time, this is my first year ever seeing them. I find them very beautiful.

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