New Kid in Town…

I was out on the big deck this morning, breathing in the heavenly scent of the hawthorn tree which is just starting to get it’s flowers, listening to the morning chatter of the resident birds… and well just enjoying the early morning peace — my ears picked up something new… a voice of someone I have not heard or remember hearing before… knowing it had to be something wonderful I quietly, and quickly backed up into the house, grabbed my camera, changed the lense and went back out… just in time to see…





… the new kid in town or at least in our little corner of the world. I have no clue as to who his is, where he came from as I don’t remember seeing him before.

I am hoping that Lori from Random Musings or Jules from The way I see it will pop by and know the formal name of this little fellow.

I am glad I took the time to listen this morning, and had the smarts to back in quietly and grab my camera, for if I had not I am sure I would have missed his visit.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful bird. What a lovely way to start your morning!

  2. Hi Lori — nice to meet you… Thanks for taking the time to stop in for a visit and for your very kind words.

  3. That’s a cedar waxwing Truddles. They love berries/fruit, and will catch bugs too like a flycatcher. Keep an eye (or ear) open–just about the only time you see one on its own is when it’s nesting.

    And gorgeous shots of it too! (of course)

  4. Thanks Sunshynes! The hawthorn is still holding berries from last year, so I suspect that is what he/she was after. Very pretty bird!

  5. i think i posted on your feed. 😉 I agree cedar waxwing beautiful shots!

  6. Thanks Lori — it was like he/she was posing for me. I was pleased with how the pictures turned out

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