First Bite…

Sullivan had his first bite of solid food yesterday – that yummy ole rice cereal…

First Bite

He didn’t even hesitate! No spitting it back out – no choking, just open and roll it around in his mouth a little bit and swallow. He did make some pretty cute faces though, as if trying to figure out what we were doing to him now. In total he must have eaten a good 2 tablespoons full. Now we will give him a day or so and see if there is any reactions… if not then we will continue on.

It is so fun to be in on all the firsts of this little boy’s life!

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  1. What an expression!!!

  2. I love his face and his expression. He looks as if he isn’t quite sure…


  3. Awwww How sweet!! what a funny face, i just want to dip him in my coffee!

  4. No matter what picture you take of him I am completely entranced by his eyes.

  5. I think that his and alyssa’s eyes match.. take a look and let me know..

  6. Shelley — Like Sullivan, Alyssa gains a lot of her looks from this side of the family. I find it amazing to look into the eyes of my grandchildren and see so much of the past shine through.

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