Catching up…

Have I mentioned lately how much I love early mornings? I do!

Sitting outside this morning just past the first light, listening to the birds wake up for the day, breathing in the early morning cool air — just something about it feels so healing.

Seems this little humming bird thinks the same thing, as I captured him the other morning as the day was just coming to life.

humming bird

So I have had many of you asking for an update on the Misplaced Goose. I had such high hopes for a spring filled stories of the misplaced goose.  Letting you know his daily antics … but apparently the goose had other plans. I have not seen him since the morning he was calling from the playhouse roof. Jules mentioned in the comments on the post that perhaps the Misplaced Goose was trying to be spotted by the future Mrs. Canada Goose. I lik that idea, and like to think he found his Mrs. Canada Goose. When I hear the call of the geese from the lake I think of him, and am glad he is not misplaced any more.

My youngest child, and only son, has received his posting for the summer. He will stay local, which pleases me very much – it is the post of his choice so he is glad as well. Have I mentioned that my son fights forest fires? Yup, he does – he is the helper of smoky the bear, so make sure those fires are out! I am sure you will hear more of him, as the summer moves forward.

Sullivan has found the volume control on his voice and the stories he tells are so full of expression and depth.

Time for me to be off now, and get this day underway. So much to do – so little time! 

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  1. There is something about this picture that is calm and thought clearing! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I agree about the pic.. very nice.. this time of the year seems to be so busy.. nice to find a time of the day that creates your own inner calm..

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