Misplaced Goose?!?

I don’t claim to be a bird person — in fact I know very little about birds other than the fact that they are beautiful, graceful creatures that I enjoy watching. Most of the birds I see I do not know the formal names of, and really know very little about them… but there is one thing I know for sure, and that is that a goose does not belong on the roof!

For all the years I have lived here – and that is well over 20 years, never once have I seen a goose on the roof. In the ponds, ocean, lakes – Yes! On lawns and on fields – Yes! But never, on a roof – Well never until a couple of days ago that is.

Hearing the geese fly over head, honking their way to the ocean in the mornings, and to the lake in the evenings is very normal for these parts… but the morning before yesterday there was a persistent honking – a stationary honking – from very close! Curious as to what was going on I headed out side to investigate… and there to my wondering eyes what should I see, but one honking goose sitting on top of the old shed roof!


Very persistent in his calls – he (or she) carried on for quite some time. “Honk” “Honk” “Honk”


He (or she) would then pause as if to listen – and sure enough from a distance I could hear another voice calling back. “Honk” “Honk”

It was not long – but perhaps the 10 – 15 minutes was a long time for a goose for the honking seemed to get more frantic as the minutes passed by. “Honk” “Honk” …Pause… “Honk” “Honk” …Pause…
From a distance I could hear the familiar “honk” …flap… “honk” as two geese appeared over head. Flying over the old shed – the sitting goose took flight and followed.

Thinking it odd, I shrugged, came in the house and carried on with my day — thinking not much more about it.


Until yesterday, when the goose was back again — this time sitting on the play house roof. We had a repeat performance of the morning before — Persistant honking, the return honking, and the appearance overhead of two more geese. Soon followed by three geese flying away.


So now I am curious! Like I said I am no bird person so I have no way of knowing if this is a senior goose who’s eye sight is failing him (or her) and the kids come to collect the ole folk — or perhaps this is a young bird who has yet to find his way, and the parents come to the rescue… but one thing I do know is that a goose does not belong on the roof!

I wonder if he (or she) will be back this morning?

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  1. lol! I’ve never seen a goose on a roof either. Seems like odd behavior to me, but I don’t know a lot about them either (other than how to harass them so they stay away from pond).

  2. Hey, that’s a great post. Goose on a roof. New to me.

  3. love the idea of a goose on the roof.. maybe God just thought you needed to smile.. keep me posted on the goose.. be interesting to find out if he brings his friends! lol

  4. If I may be so bold…

    I’m not a bird expert or anything but I’ve photographed my fair share of these little devils and its breeding season for sure. If he is an unmated male he is probably up on the roof trying to be spotted by the future Mrs. Canada Goose – hence all the loud honking.

    I’d leave ’em be and see what happens but I’ll bet you end up with a pair before long…

  5. Oh I do like the idea that he was up on the roof trying to be spotted by the future Mrs Canada Goose!

  6. Well now I am concerned. Let us know (as I am sure you will) what happens next.

  7. How wonderful that he/she chose your roof!!

    Keep us posted. 🙂

  8. Cute story. Great pictures. The only time I’ve ever seen geese is when they are chasing me or one of the kids!

  9. It was a little over a year ago that I saw two geese sitting on the roof of the house across the street from ours. It felt odd to me, so I took a picture of them:


    These geese were sitting there at 6pm, watching the progress of our house being built. And there were two of them. Maybe two bachelors waiting for two Mrs. Canada Geese to show up?

  10. haha, thats funny

  11. aww too sweet, i love the picture with the tounge! funny what strikes me as interesting, perhaps the roof looks like a nice place for a nest and he/she is trying to convince the others as well?!

  12. Whatever happened to this goose?
    I found a comment of yours in the Akismet. I never check that. I wonder how many other friends end up there.

  13. […] have not seen him since the morning he was calling from the playhouse roof. Jules mentioned in the comments on the post that perhaps the Misplaced Goose was trying to be spotted by the future Mrs. Canada Goose. I lik […]

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