Going Green…

There is nothing like a new baby in the house, to make a person sit up and take notice of their surroundings. While Sharlyn was pregnant, and in the first weeks of Sullivan’s life, and even now as Sullivan gets older we are making changes around the house, and in our way of thinking.

One of the things that has helped us along the way, and really opened our eyes is this book.


Sharlyn was reading this book with a sleeping baby Sullivan on her lap – I asked her to turn the book around so it looked like Sullivan was reading it, and as she did so his eyes opened up – I took the picture. He was 20 days old in this picture, and looking at it now I am amazed at how much he has grown! ( Can you believe he is going to be 5 months old in 8 days?!?!?! )

Anyway back to the book — if you are looking for ways to make a difference in your life this is a must read — and no it is not just for babies — the lessons you will learn are amazing!

I would also like to send out a big Congratulations to Dr. Greene for winning the Nautilus Book Awards Gold Medal in the parenting category for Raising Baby Green. It is well deserved!

Thank you Dr. Greene for writting this book – it has really opened up my eyes to the world around me.

If any of you out there want to read more reviews on this book you can do so here – and believe me when I say this is a book well worth owning!

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News Flash….

We have hair!!!!

(Sullivan – 4 months)

Ok so he has had hair all along, but lost a lot of the brandnew baby hair…. but this week we have noticed that it is really coming in again, thick, and with that hint of auburn.

Have a look at the large size.

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Would it matter?

I wonder if she knows that before she has time to blink, this little baby will be all grown up?

(best viewed large)

I cannot help but wonder if one day she will look back on this very moment – wondering where the time went – wishing she could have just another hour in this time. Would she wonder what could have been if she had taken a different path in life? Would it matter? Would she really care?

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Within the Hawthorn Tree…

The hawthorn tree that sits off of our big open deck has become a source of great enjoyment for my early morning meanderings outside. The smell from the flowers is heavenly, and the activity from the birds is very fun to watch, not to mention time consuming!


The new kid in town has been identified as a Cedar Waxwing from both Sunshyness and Lori, and he has been back for another visit.


This time he brought a friend – or perhaps his wife? Do the male and female of these birds look the same? Either way, male or female I find them very beautiful!


The Cedar Waxwings were sharing the hawthorn with these little guys. At first I thought perhaps they were the children, but upon closer look I believe they are a different species.


I am not very good with bird names, in fact the only thing about birds I know for sure is I like to take their picture! There sure is lots that goes on within the branches of the hawthorn tree!

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New Kid in Town…

I was out on the big deck this morning, breathing in the heavenly scent of the hawthorn tree which is just starting to get it’s flowers, listening to the morning chatter of the resident birds… and well just enjoying the early morning peace — my ears picked up something new… a voice of someone I have not heard or remember hearing before… knowing it had to be something wonderful I quietly, and quickly backed up into the house, grabbed my camera, changed the lense and went back out… just in time to see…





… the new kid in town or at least in our little corner of the world. I have no clue as to who his is, where he came from as I don’t remember seeing him before.

I am hoping that Lori from Random Musings or Jules from The way I see it will pop by and know the formal name of this little fellow.

I am glad I took the time to listen this morning, and had the smarts to back in quietly and grab my camera, for if I had not I am sure I would have missed his visit.

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First Bite…

Sullivan had his first bite of solid food yesterday – that yummy ole rice cereal…

First Bite

He didn’t even hesitate! No spitting it back out – no choking, just open and roll it around in his mouth a little bit and swallow. He did make some pretty cute faces though, as if trying to figure out what we were doing to him now. In total he must have eaten a good 2 tablespoons full. Now we will give him a day or so and see if there is any reactions… if not then we will continue on.

It is so fun to be in on all the firsts of this little boy’s life!

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