Story Time…

We are getting into the real fun stage with Sullivan. Baby talk, blowing bubbles, and now the giggles are starting to burst forth. All are way to cute.

Not to long ago he had quite the tale to tell his grandpa — it started out quite sad…

(Sullivan – 3 months)

…but as the story progressed it was plain to see it had a happy ending.

(Sullivan – 3 months)

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  1. Oh my, Truddle!!! He is just so absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  2. How did he get so BIG all of a sudden?? He’s a real cutie!

  3. Amazing isn’t it?

  4. He is so beautiful.. looks like he is gaining quite the personality.. it is so fun to watch that happen..

  5. He really is Shelley, and learning quickly what works and what doesnt.

  6. he really has grown very quickly!

  7. How cute! I’m sure you’d rather be having fun with him than wasting time here! He’s a doll!

  8. These kinds of pictures make me smile all day. CUTE!

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