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It has been far to long since I have written anything in this blog, and now I find myself faced with the dilemma of where to start…. no easy task since I have a lot to say – a fact I am sure which does not surprise most of you. So be warned now this post will no doubt be long. If you only have time for a quick visit, then it might be best if you fold the corner of the page down, and come back when you have a bit longer to stay.

So instead of starting from where I left off and moving forward, I am going to go in reverse order, starting with the now, and ending this post with the then. Possible to do? We will see!

When I stood outside this morning, to survey my world, I was pleased to see clear sky and sun shining through – the promise of warmer days is in the air. A big change from the week just past.

It has been cold here! I won’t bore you with numbers from the themometer – as those don’t really matter anyway, they are after all just numbers, and when one says cold, it means just that – cold!  Cold enough here that after coming in from outside your hands burn from the warmth of the house, cold enough to have a fire in the fireplace, cold enough to make your knees hurt, cold enough to say it has been cold!

Yesterday it snowed… March 28th and snowing!



Today the snow is gone, the sky is blue, and the sun is shining. We move forward…

Easter weekend was nice but sad. Nice because we had all the family over for dinner, with the two eldest grand-daughters staying over for a few day’s afterwards.  These two girls are growing up so fast. I was also able to finally get some pictures of them together with Sullivan, which I was happy about.


This picture was taken the morning of the day Sullivan turned 12 weeks old. Not 3 months yet, as that will not happen until the 8th of April, but 12 weeks just the same. Saying the age of babies gets hard at this stage of the game, I think we will need to stop going by weeks now, and start with the months… and all to soon it will be with years as it is now with the girls. Kassidy – 12 on her next birthday in December, and Hailey 13 on her next birthday in August…. was it not just yesterday we were measuring thier ages in weeks?

The sad part came when we had to say goodbye to Bailey. Having lived to see his 13th birthday, which was in the beginning of March, he died in Jamies arms very late in the evening easter day. We knew we were on limited time with him the last little while, but we just really were not ready to say goodbye yet. But ready or not it was his time – and so we are all feeling a little sad, and I cannot write more about it right now, perhaps in future posts. It is enough for now just to say we are all just sad.

Work is going good – the site is live now with all it’s changes and for the most part working the way we want it to. Although there are still a few bugs to be squished we are pleased with the results. There are several new tools that I am thrilled with,  some I have had the time to play with as a user and others I’ve still to dig into. One of my favorite new features is the Build your own book feature. Seriously, you can take your blog posts and make them into a high quality book or even just your photo’s for a photo book.  In fact I am in the midst of working on my first book, and hope to have one ready soon… but again we all know how long soon can take. 🙂 Have a look for yourself, and if you find you have time, and create a book, let me know I’d love to see it, or at the very least hear about it! There are more tools, but I will let you go and discover them for yourself.

… so with that, I think we are all caught up to date again, and hopefully I will not take so long to post next time – in fact I have running around in my head my next post already (maybe my muse is back?) – oh, and this next post is about you!

Oh and that picture… the one before this post… it is a picture of Frustration! Ok not really but that is what I have decided that Frustration looked like for me on the day it was taken. I was trying to put my name on the photo, and things were not working out, so like a child does, I took my crayon (which in this case was my photo editing software) and scribbled all over the photo, which produced the effect you see – which when looking at it later I liked the abstract effect it had, so I kept it. That photo, is the same one above of the snow and flowers. You can tell which one by the colors.

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  1. It’s amazing really – that your plants are growing but the snow is falling. (I’m seeing that too) make me run into the theory that the ground isn’t freezing – it’s just snowing. (and maybe the snow is actually slowly watering the plants???? I don’t know I find it wayyyyy interesting tho!) I’m sorry to hear about your loss. 😦 Enough said on that subject until you bring it up again! I love your snow shots really beautiful.

  2. I’m sorry about Bailey. I know how hard it is to lose a pet member of the family. *Hugs*

    All of your photos are beautiful, but I love the one with your grandchildren. 🙂

    So, I was close. It does involve a flower.

  3. It’s good to see you back! It sounds like life got in your way in a very serious manner. Sullivan and the rest of the grandchildren are way more important. So is Bailey. I’m sorry you lost him. I know what it’s like. We lost our cat last August. He was older than my youngest daughter. That was tough. Sometimes I still forget and wonder what Noisemaker would think of something.

  4. I love the picture with sullie and Hailey and Kasss… it is fantastic..

  5. Yep i am loving the picture of the kiddies as well, and how nice it is to see you on the blog roll again Truddle!

  6. Thanks for your kind comments everyone, sorry I didn’t respond to each of you, but the week caught up with me, and I ended up busy, busy, busy.

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