Nature’s Scavenger Hunt…

When I woke up yesterday morning it was raining, cold and very dreary — by afternoon the sky had cleared and the day turned out to be one of wonder and discovery.

With the sun again making an appearance it was enough to lure me from the comforts of inside – to venture outside with my camera.

Quess what I found?!?!






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Ohhhh – Ahhhh – and all that jazz

Amazing how this new little boy in our family has changed the dynamics of our life.

Sullivan is now starting to baby talk, with the ohhhs and the ahhhhs, and it is just so cute to watch the deep thought he puts into each sound.

He now weighs (at the last count) 9 lbs, 13 oz and is 22 inches tall (2 inches taller than when he was born)

(Sullivan – 4 weeks, 1 day)

I am still deep in code land with the re-build I am working on, so don’t have time to blog much – but I will be back soon!

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Getting Big….

Can you believe that Sullivan will be one month old tomorrow?!?!?!
(Sullivan – 1 day shy of 1 month)

Everything is going well in Truddle~land — just really busy with work right now. I promise to come in and write more soon!

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