Settling In…

Life is starting to settle in again. Seriously I have not fallen off the face of the earth, and although I have not had much free time to post on my blog, know that I am not very far away.

Work on the rebuild has kicked into high gear so that has been keeping me pretty busy while the computer is up and running, which this last week has been from about 3:00 am until 7:00 pm — with a couple of little breaks in between – for things like eating, sleeping, and baby cuddling.

Speaking of baby cuddling – Sullivan reached his two week mark this past Tuesday. He is starting to hold up his head himself now, and spends more of his day awake – although he still likes his sleep. Sharlyn is a fantastic mom, staying calm and relaxed and so soft spoken with baby Sullivan, even as she is walking through the days of deep sleep deprivation. She makes this grandma proud!

Here are a few pictures of this sweet boy, taken this week. With the last one taken yesterday. I love the one of Sharlyn and Sullivan – you can sure tell who is the favorite person in each of their worlds!

(Sullivan – 2 weeks)

(Sharlyn and Sullivan — 2 weeks, 1 day)

(Sullivan – 2 weeks, 1 day)

(Sullivan – 2 weeks, 2 days)

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  1. It does my heart good to see these pictures.. Glad to hear that Sharly has imbraced motherhood.. looks good on her.. he has such cute little monkey toes!!.. love him already.. I am so proud of Sharly.. good job .. missing you over there.. xoxxo

  2. He’s so adorable. I just want to cuddle him.

    Lovely photo essay, Truddle. 🙂

  3. awww…. I miss those two very much, Sharlyns little family is just sooo sweet!!

  4. He is just precious! Love and attention grows babies and he’s growing up so fast already. Those eyes are so bright and attentive. You can just see that he’s paying attention to everything and soaking it all in.


  5. Wonderful shots Truddle.

  6. awwaaah I love the green blanket so so sweet!!

  7. I’m just reading this today, the 7th of February. I say this because today is my son’s 26th birthday and I have been thinking all day about when he was first born. He looked a lot like Sullivan, well not really, but he had the same kind of look and he was a baby boy like Sullivan. Now he’s 26. He’s still my baby. Enjoy him. Enjoy him. Enjoy him. Tomorrow he will be all grown up.

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