Can you imagine…

Can you even imagine for a moment the depth of perception deep in your soul, when the world has changed – when the sun shines bright even on the dullest of days – even in the coldest of moments…

(Sullivan – 11 days old)

Can you imagine a joy so great that your soul seems to burst – as fireworks, a magnitude of color and brilliance – a joy captured within the eyes of another…

(Sullivan – 10 days old)

Can you imagine drinking in the moments and feeling your soul come to life – making nothing matter other than that one moment…

(Sullivan – 6 days old)

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  1. awwww.. Sharlyn.. he is beautiful.. you have every right to be proud as a peacock Truddle.. I am too.. from this angle.. it looks as if he has my fingers..

  2. Precious.

  3. What great pictures! I just spent a couple of hours finally putting photos that I’ve taken of my girls over the past year into albums. They grow so fast! It sounds as if you are enjoying each and every moment!

  4. Beautiful. Beautiful eyes. Lovely words.

  5. Yes, I can imagine. Isn’t it magical, wonderful, and wonder-filled? 🙂

    He’s gorgeous, Truddle.

  6. He’s beautiful, Truddle!

  7. first time i have seen his eyes open….. awww sniff he is growing up so fast

  8. awwwah I really like this picture:-) little dragon fly:-)

  9. What a joy and reassurance to see some new life. I am so happy for you.

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