Checking in…

It seems to date that every important date in young Sullivan’s life has been marked by snow!

His baby shower day – it snowed
The day he was born – it snowed
His first doctors’s appointment – it snowed

Sullivan’s doctor’s appointment went very well yesterday. He has re-gained his birth weight plus a half an ounce. His jaundice is going away, and he received an overall clean bill of health.

I have been posting so many cute baby pictures of late I thought I would mix it up a bit today, with this picture which I took yesterday morning. I’m so sorry that I am acting the crazy grandma right now, whipping out the baby pictures for whoever cares to see. Right now life is fully focused on the care of my daughter and work so I’m afraid I don’t have to many interesting things to post — yet — but they will come as things settle down into a routine, as we all know will happen soon.

Oh while I am thinking about it – Robin is the only one that guessed right on both the gender and the day that baby Sullivan was born. Hey Robin I do have a prize for you – but you will have to give me a bit to get it up for you.

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  1. Don’t be sorry! I don’t think anyone minds seeing the baby pictures or hearing about all things Sullivan! We’re all very happy for you and Sullivan and Sharlyn.

  2. Thanks Corina!

  3. Great Job Robin!! Your right to be a little crazy Truddle as i know i am just in a tither about little Sulli as well, this last week not seeing him has been practicly torture… I always wonder if this will be the day i get to see that little bundle again….Sigh….

  4. I can’t wait to see more of little sulli over here.. How is Sharlyn doin??

  5. Post away! I’m enjoying the pictures. They bring back wonderful memories.

  6. Nice photo.

  7. beautiful shot, juxtaposing fire(sunshine) and ice(snow)!

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