Baby Toes…

These baby toes are one week old today…


In one week our hearts have experienced the most amazing love anyone could feel – The love of our daughter and her son, are far greater than we could ever have imagined!

Today will be our first venture out of the house with baby Sullivan, as he has his one week appointment with the doctor this afternoon. As with most newborns he is not fussy about his carseat, so it could be a very musical journey.

Sleeping is still a bit of a challenge, but everyone is starting to adjust to the Sullivan schedule, and we are no where near as tired as we were – life is starting to settle again!

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  1. I remember what a challenge it is to adjusting to the new life. I am glad that Sharlyn has so much support.. it must bring so many memories back for you. I am patiently sitting here and waiting for every new bit of information.. wondering what he sounds like when he cries.. is it like Stephen? or Alyssa? Has he got a birthmark? what color are his eyes? lol.. it is tough to be so far away and so out of the loop.. just know that my love goes out to that little baby and his mommie.. and to that babies grandma and grandpa as well.. You are a blessing to Sharly I am sure.. I remember what a blessing it was to have my mom around when stephen was born.. sort of like a soft place to land.. until the strength comes back for her to once again fly.. xoxoxox

  2. love the toe shot.. too cute!

  3. Enjoy this wonderful bonding time. Sullivan has changed your world forever…love beyond imagination!

  4. nice toe shot

  5. Awww….this is as good as the hand shot. 🙂

  6. I think that he might have my toes..!!

  7. Sweet little toes!

    (I think Grandma might be wrapped around a little finger. 😉 )

  8. You remind me of wonderful times long forgotten.

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  9. Good to hear things are settling down. Keep up the good work!

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