Official Due Date…

My iPod is charged again, and back in action! I am seriously considering getting myself one of those dock thingy’s that you put the ipod on to charge it, rather than having to use the computer… but as of yet I have not done that. In fact I am still using the painful ear bud things as well. You’d think I’d just bite the bullet and go shopping for these items, but no dice yet. So I continue to suffer through with sore ears and a Warning very low battery warning… or worse – a black screen with no music!

(November 2007 Sunrise)

So today is the official due date of baby Pickles – given at the first ultra sound…. but – no action yet – so we continue to wait.

As for the guessing game – Benjamin and Shawn are now out of the running for the day guess… but are still in for the gender. Today is Jamie’s guess day. It is also pouring rain out there and Corina did say a rainy day … we play on! It will be fun in years to come to tell baby Pickles how much we all looked forward to his or her birth with great anticipation!

Sharlyn bless her sweet heart is remaining calm and relaxed through it all!

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  1. I definitely applaud her for remaining calm and relaxed through it all. I was going NUTS trying to get Kiersten out even two weeks BEFORE my due date. LOL Lucky for me she came a week and a day early as I would have been a total basket case had she come on time or late.

    can’t wait to meet Baby Pickles and finally give him a real name!

  2. Oh, yeah, and I vote BOY and a week from today.

  3. A week from today?!?!?!?! Oh gosh Gortday I don’t think I could hardly stand to wait that long LOL

  4. hmmm I’m voting girl for some reason I’ll prolly be wrong but idk, that’s just what I think right now….I might change my mind lol. Patience is a virtue….I have to tell my self that everyday! I KNOW she has to be ready!

  5. I’ve been out of the country for the last week and missed all the baby updates. Let’s see, I had 3, first 9 days late. then 12 days late, then 15 days late. Hmm. I hope it’s a girl on Sunday, 6 pm CST.

  6. well.. I still say tomorrow.. not sure why.. just woke up with that feeling today.. good luck Sharly!

  7. Gorgeous sunrise!

    Has the baby made an appearance yet?

  8. LOL Robin… not yet! However Sharlyn did wake up with a cold this morning and is all achey … she is also pretty restless, not sitting still in one spot for very long… as I type she is also on her second nap, although I doubt she is sleeping – but she will be at least resting. Company is coming over in an hour for the birthday party for Benjamin, we will see how she is after that… perhaps tonight is the night?

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