Tick – Tick – Tick…

It is 5:00 am and I have been here since 3:45. I ended up going to bed last night at 8:30 so I did have a long sleep. For some reason I was just not feeling good last night, but sleep seems to have fixed that or at least for the most part.

(November 2007 sunrise)

It was a busy work day yesterday in code land as well as on the home front. I baked bread, made donuts, and homemade turkey soup for dinner.

Sharlyn has a doctors appointment today at 10:00 am – so we will see what the Doc has to say!

The guesses for a ‘birth’ date and gender are rolling in.

Jamie says boy on Saturday
Brittany says boy — Sunday
Teriena says girl — no date
Shelley says boy — Sunday
Benjamin says boy — Yesterday
I have said boy all along — and I had a dream it would be Sunday
Stevo says girl – Monday
Shawn says girl – today
Corina is going for a rainy day – and is reserving gender guesses as she has not seen Sharlyn at the right angle…. Corina it has been raining here like crazy of late, with a real stormy day yesterday. I checked our forcast for the next 7 days and it is saying Friday – rain … Saturday – Showery … Sunday – light snow … Monday – snow flurries … Tuesday – more sun than clouds … Wednesday – Scattered flurries … Thursday – Scattered flurries. Mind you as with most weather forecasts this is likely to change in a blink of an eye.
Robin – says boy on Tuesday
Gortday – says boy next Saturday (12th)
RobsMom – says girl – no date
Barbara – says girl – Sunday

It will be fun to see how close we all come.

Jamie brought up the Christmas boxes last night, so I will spend some time today putting away all the Christmas decorations. Because we did not put everything out this year, it should not take me long to put everything away again. It is just a matter of getting started on it!

So with that all said I am off to hit up code land again.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. I guess your body mst be telling you that you going to have long day 😉
    Meanwhile if you can visit my website : http://mypollyourvote.wordpress.com/
    Thank you!

  2. I meant to stop by and guess yesterday. I’m saying boy, on the 8th.

    I like your new look. 🙂

  3. Watch for low-pressure storms.

    I stick with the date on the very first ultrasound. In my experience it’s more accurate than charting, and certainly more accurate than the “updated” due date they give midway through the pregnancies.

  4. Happy Waiting! You should sleep. You know you won’t be able to once the baby gets here!

  5. The picture is super. If you wait long enough, it will arrive.

  6. If baby pickles doesn’t hurry, my guess will be wrong. 😉

  7. hmm I say girl on the 8th the new moon afternoon/ evening !!

  8. I saaaayyy…..

    Boy in the early morning of January 8th!

    but then that is because i know it is a boy! he he he

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