Playing the Waiting Game…

No aches – No Pains – No getting up in the night – No labor pictures – No birth pictures – No pictures of teeny tiny toes … we still play the baby waiting game. So I took some pictures of my african violet instead.



As much as I am looking forward to the birth of this baby, I have to admit I really am enjoying this waiting game. Knowing it could happen at any moment, but not knowing the moment it will be. Not knowing if baby Pickles is a boy or girl, or even what his or her name will be. So much to look forward to. Such fun!

Benjamin was funny yesterday, when he came upstairs after his night’s sleep.

“I thought you guys had gone last night” he stated ” The notebook was open on the counter – I thought it was the note”
“I think it will be tonight mom or early tomorrow – I really don’t mind having a birthday buddy, it will be kind of fun”

It has been arranged that should we happen to have to leave for the hospital before Benjamin gets home from work, we will leave a message on his cell phone, as well as a note on the counter. He is in charge of looking after the animals while we are away – and is thrilled to have a ‘job’ in all of this.

Hard to believe this youngest child of mine is 21 today. Seems just like yesterday they placed him in my arms…

So now I am heading into the ‘office’ and will work some more on coding. My office still needs some attention, and the tree and decorations still need to be put away. So I have plenty to keep me busy while we play this waiting game.

Does anyone care to take a guess of the day? Or if baby pickles will be wearing Pink or Blue booties? The official due date is January 5th, which is this coming Saturday. It could be fun to see who was right, and perhaps it will help you pass the time while you play the waiting game with me!

Have a wonderful day everyone – I will see you again tomorrow – unless I have news to report or I feel the need to ramble some more today.

(Side Note: I see this wordpress theme is cutting off my pictures so I might have to change themes again soon – in fact I think I will go look at themes right now!)

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  1. I remember those months before the births of my daughters and how full of wonder and possibility everything was and so I’m excited for you my friend.

  2. Truddle,

    Wow. What a beautiful place to be, waiting for your new arrival. You have me looking forward to the good news as well.


  3. often the waiting game is most fun unless you are the one who is waiting to meet your new baby.. think I could get a phone call when she goes in?? Happy birthday brother of mine.. hang in there Sharly.. I say sunday.. and maybe blue booties??

  4. Biblio and Beth – No quess?

    Shepet – I need your phone number ( email please) 🙂

  5. Wonderful purple in the images.

    On a bizarre side note: I almost named my dog Pickles. It was going to be Picadilly, Pickles for short. Never happened, though.

    Pink booties, January 7th.

    If you’re looking for a theme, consider a fluid one, it will resize accordingly and you won’t lose your photos.

  6. Thanks Stevo for your kind comments… so if you didn’t name your dog Picadilly – pickles for short, what did you name him?

    I am still looking for a theme…. one day one will be just right 🙂

  7. I think the little one will arrive tomorrow, and will need a set of pink booties.

    Enjoy the wait.

  8. I tend to think full moon but this month that’s too far from the due date as it isn’t until the 22nd, although stranger things have happened (my first two were 21 and 20 days post mature, respectively). The other natural thing that brings babies out is rain. Is it raining there? Do you have a forecast for rain any time soon? If so, that would be my bet.

    Gender…I don’t know. I would have to see her. If she’s carrying low and only in front, it’s a boy. If she’s higher up and big all over (as in hips and behind), I say pink! But I haven’t seen her at the “right” angle so I can’t say!

    Happy waiting. I know when mine were three weeks late I was sad. I felt, irrationally, that my babies didn’t want to come out and meet me. I cried!

  9. The awesome photos gave me a great shake – I set back in awe towards the omnipotence of your images – All I can is just to say wow.
    Sorry for I dont respond to your text, but your wonderful photos made me speechless.
    By the way, your photos as question, as answer and share the light of the life.
    Thank you

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