Rainbow of Promise…

The first day of a new month and a brand new year all wrapped up into one. I love it!


Like a new note book the year ahead is a clean slate – yesterday’s troubles happened last year, this year is  full of promise for the months to come. Much like a new novel, the pages are still crisp and clean. No folded corners, no tattered cover – the pages ahead still unturned.

I am happy to put last years notebook to rest on the shelf – to perhaps thumb through on days when I need the familiar words from yesterday – but today I am looking forward to starting a new notebook – which in time will also rest on the shelf of my memories.

I want to fill this years book full to the brim, until it is bursting. I want to add memento’s, souvenirs, photos and many words. I want this years notebook to last the test of time, to be thumbed through for years to come with happy giggles of memories.

I want the pages to be kissed by the sunshine of my life – sunshine that will fade the raindrops that happen to fall… and on those days that the rain does fall, I want the pages of the day to end with a rainbow of promise.

I plan to walk this year’s path of my life into the sunshine of the tomorrow’s – and on those days that it rains, I will carry the umbrella of a rainbow of promise.


Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. And a very happy one to you too! And I wish you the very best for everything you will this one to be! 🙂

  2. It sounds like a wonderful year ahead of you, Truddle. I hope all your wishes and dreams for the year come true.

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  3. A great new look. I wish you to best in the New Year.

  4. Love the new look. LOVE the new post! You go catch that year by the tail, Truddle!

    I am going to work very hard at catching that tail Jules, and when I do I am going to hang on to it very tight!

  5. May your year be filled with much sunshine and only happy rain!

  6. What wonderful thoughts to start the new year!

    Happy New Year, Truddle!

    Happy New Year to you to Shawn!

  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words and wishes. My best to each and every one of you!

  8. Happy Happy Happy New Year to you too!!!

    I’m so excited about the birth of your blogbaby! Any day now!

    Bibliomom it is so fun to see you as excited as me, and I love the term blogbaby! Soon very soon I will post that he or she has arrived!

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