Checking in…

Just a quick post this morning to show you one of the 3 week old pictures of Sullivan that I took yesterday to mark the event.

He is starting to hold up his head on his own now, and his personality is really starting to shine through.

(Sullivan – 3 weeks)

I’m still busy at work with the re-build, but things should slow down soon once it is live.

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That is what I said as I stepped out my office door this morning… back tracking quickly it took me 4 steps to grab my camera and step back outside… In that short time the show was already fading…





… and in a very short time the show was over – but for those few minutes, through my camera lens, I was very glad I was alive!

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Settling In…

Life is starting to settle in again. Seriously I have not fallen off the face of the earth, and although I have not had much free time to post on my blog, know that I am not very far away.

Work on the rebuild has kicked into high gear so that has been keeping me pretty busy while the computer is up and running, which this last week has been from about 3:00 am until 7:00 pm — with a couple of little breaks in between – for things like eating, sleeping, and baby cuddling.

Speaking of baby cuddling – Sullivan reached his two week mark this past Tuesday. He is starting to hold up his head himself now, and spends more of his day awake – although he still likes his sleep. Sharlyn is a fantastic mom, staying calm and relaxed and so soft spoken with baby Sullivan, even as she is walking through the days of deep sleep deprivation. She makes this grandma proud!

Here are a few pictures of this sweet boy, taken this week. With the last one taken yesterday. I love the one of Sharlyn and Sullivan – you can sure tell who is the favorite person in each of their worlds!

(Sullivan – 2 weeks)

(Sharlyn and Sullivan — 2 weeks, 1 day)

(Sullivan – 2 weeks, 1 day)

(Sullivan – 2 weeks, 2 days)

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Can you imagine…

Can you even imagine for a moment the depth of perception deep in your soul, when the world has changed – when the sun shines bright even on the dullest of days – even in the coldest of moments…

(Sullivan – 11 days old)

Can you imagine a joy so great that your soul seems to burst – as fireworks, a magnitude of color and brilliance – a joy captured within the eyes of another…

(Sullivan – 10 days old)

Can you imagine drinking in the moments and feeling your soul come to life – making nothing matter other than that one moment…

(Sullivan – 6 days old)

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Checking in…

It seems to date that every important date in young Sullivan’s life has been marked by snow!

His baby shower day – it snowed
The day he was born – it snowed
His first doctors’s appointment – it snowed

Sullivan’s doctor’s appointment went very well yesterday. He has re-gained his birth weight plus a half an ounce. His jaundice is going away, and he received an overall clean bill of health.

I have been posting so many cute baby pictures of late I thought I would mix it up a bit today, with this picture which I took yesterday morning. I’m so sorry that I am acting the crazy grandma right now, whipping out the baby pictures for whoever cares to see. Right now life is fully focused on the care of my daughter and work so I’m afraid I don’t have to many interesting things to post — yet — but they will come as things settle down into a routine, as we all know will happen soon.

Oh while I am thinking about it – Robin is the only one that guessed right on both the gender and the day that baby Sullivan was born. Hey Robin I do have a prize for you – but you will have to give me a bit to get it up for you.

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Baby Toes…

These baby toes are one week old today…


In one week our hearts have experienced the most amazing love anyone could feel – The love of our daughter and her son, are far greater than we could ever have imagined!

Today will be our first venture out of the house with baby Sullivan, as he has his one week appointment with the doctor this afternoon. As with most newborns he is not fussy about his carseat, so it could be a very musical journey.

Sleeping is still a bit of a challenge, but everyone is starting to adjust to the Sullivan schedule, and we are no where near as tired as we were – life is starting to settle again!

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