Don’t Rock the Boat…

How many times in life have you gone along with something simply because you did not want to rock the boat?

(Fall Fair – September 2007)

I am but one person in a vast expanse of many. My voice is quiet and many times gets lost when given among many. There are times when I wonder if when that voice is quiet, once and for all, if it will be remembered, missed. I have to trust that it will. It is a sad thought to think otherwise.

I wrote a post in this blog yesterday and it rested here all day yesterday and through the night and into this morning. I had so many kind and very personal comments from you my blog friends – I won’t mention any names  (you know who you are). Each and every comment touched me deep inside – in a way in which even I am having a hard time understanding the depth of emotion that they provoked. I can only say Thank you!

Because of the very personal nature of the post and of the comments that followed – I have decided to take the post and comments that followed down off of this blog, and have saved all of them in my heart as well as in a file on my computer. I think for now it is better that way. Perhaps one day I will be able to let that post stand among the others – today I cannot.

For those of you reading this post that do not know what the heck I am talking about, and have the burning desire to know – let me know – perhaps I will share – perhaps not. No promises either way.

For those of you who did read the post and comment – thank you – your words will carry me through!

For those of you who read, but did not know what to say, so left quietly without saying a word – it is ok – I did not expect you to comment – thank you for reading the post – and thank you for your silent thoughts. Sometimes no words are needed.

So now I have explained the missing post – let’s move forward shall we!

We are still playing the baby waiting game. So fun, the excitement knowing it could happen at any time, the anticipation like a little child waiting to open a gift – I am holding on to each moment as the gift they truly are.

Tomorrow we are having family over for a potluck dinner. It will be nice! Each moment we can all be together is a blessing in itself.

I think – one day soon – I will rock that boat, just for fun!

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  1. As a boat rocker, I can confirm that it can be fun. Just watch that you don’t tip it over completely. lol!!

  2. I am right there with you on the boat rocking Robin, and although I don’t swim well I am a very good floater!

  3. girls got to rock it every so often.. helps to feel alive.. but it can be dangerous.. be careful! lol.. love to see you float in a mud puddle..

  4. ((truddle)) Rock that boat, and jump out of it every chance you get.

    Enjoy today, and let tomorrow care for itself.

  5. Shepet – one day that mud puddle will have me and you – sitting in it!

  6. Thank you Shawn – I will take your advice!

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