I am still hopeful that we will get another dose of snow before baby Pickles shows up, but so far it is not looking promising. I just might have to have Sharlyn go outside and sit in a mudpuddle instead for her last big pregnancy photo shoot!


I am actually considering re-creating some snow out of bags of that while fill stuff and using that as a back drop. Cheating yes, but it could work. But no matter what we need to do that photo shoot soon, as it won’t be long now before baby Pickles is born.

Sharlyn had another ultra sound yesterday, and baby Pickles is now heading in the right direction, but there sure is not a lot of room in there! She will go and see her doctor today, and find out what is what.

So I have been crazy busy with work projects the last little while, as well as trying to get ready for Christmas. My mom ended up back in the hospital this past Sunday, but she is out again now. They released her yesterday, so hopefully she will remain well through the holiday season!

I’m afraid that this past week my blog has taken a back burner to all that is going on here, which really is a shame as it is the one thing that seems to offer me some peace during these crazy times.

Today I am going to steal an hour out of my day, and sit down and start making some lists – to get myself back on track. I have a lot to do, and things are getting to the point where everything is becoming a blur – time to focus again!

Time to take my own advice and B-R-E-A-T-H…

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  1. How much longer till that baby shows up? Any chance of a Christmas baby? New Years baby?

  2. The due date is January 5th — how fun though to have a Christmas or New Years baby!

  3. Ah yes, one of my cousin was born on a new year!

    Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling, knowing a new life is about to appear and become a part of our lives. It’s just beautiful!

  4. It really is – gives us hope for the future!

  5. How is Sharlyn feeling? I remember the waiting. My first one was due on January 12 but I was told on Dec. 1 that he had dropped and it was looking like it would be any day. We thought by Christmas for sure. He ended up being 21 days post mature, born on Feb. 7. The second was due on Dec. 21 and we thought for sure by my birthday (Christmas). We waited and I was watched but no baby til January 10. She was 20 days post mature!

    I hope she has happy waiting!

  6. She is feeling amazingly well – other than a bit on the tired side, and having trouble getting comfortable and sleeping.

    21 and 20 days post mature – wow! Sharlyn was 14 days post mature, and that was enough to drive me nuts. I hope baby Pickles don’t pull that on her!

  7. Things must be getting so exciting over there.. New babies are always so much fun!.. and all wrapped within christmas and newyears! What a wonderful time.. it is no wonder you don’t have time to blog!.. I have 5 kids here now and am having a hard time finding time as well!.. no rest for the wicked!! lol

  8. good grief!! Is that what i was forgetting to do? Breath! he he he now it is crunch time, amazing at how fast life moves when we really want it to slow down?!

  9. Crunch time is right!

  10. All this craziness will be nearly forgotten when you hold that wee one for the first time. Enjoy.

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