In One Moment…

(dedicated to Deborah Louise – the baby I gave up for adoption)

In one moment I looked across the room and seen the face of Jesus as he looked back at me, showing me the road I needed to take.

In one moment as you grew and I felt the familiar movements I told you a life time of thoughts which you remember to this day.

In one moment you came into this world, arriving with a gold and silver glow and a halo as the sun rose out the hospital window.

In one moment you took your first breath, gave your first cry.

In one moment you filled my heart.

In one moment I showered you with all the love a mother can give a child in her lifetime.

In one moment I talked to you – and you heard me.

In one moment I said goodbye.

In one moment you were gone.

In one moment my heart broke.

In one moment…

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  1. What a sweet, sad poem, Truddle! I love it!

  2. Thanks Gortie!

  3. this really isn’t sad to me.. I feel honored that you were strong enough to make that decision for my life.. This makes me happy knowing that you cared even then..

  4. Beautiful, Truddle!

    I too gave up a daughter for adoption. I hope your story ended as well as mine.

  5. The story continues Shawn… but it is going well 🙂

  6. Two different perspectives of the same story Shepet – seperate but joined into one. … and yes I cared – even then!

  7. Very sad, very sweet…bittersweet.

    Yet with an apparently happy ending. 🙂

  8. Robin the sadness of that moment will always be there…. but yes the ending turned out well.

  9. This is an amazing poem. The ultimate joy followed by the endless despair is so heartbreaking. I could identify with it in a lot of ways. Although I have not given up a child to adoptions, I have had a number of miscarriages. The dream of holding that little one in my arms and feeling my heart swell with joy and love was squelched and instead, to this day (more than 17 years later) I feel the pain and complete devastation that I felt then.

  10. Poignent, very thought provoking

  11. Corina — a word, a song on the radio, a smell in the air — just a few things that bring the hidden pain to the surface – a pain not understandable to one who has not walked the road – I am so sorry that you have to understand – but am comforted knowing it is not a road I walk alone. Thank you for your comment!

  12. Terienalynnn you have had a front seat view over the years – I know you understand!

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