Do You Ever Just Wonder?

I am but one person in a vast expanse of many. My voice is quiet and many times gets lost when given among many. There are times when I wonder when this voice is quiet, once and for all, if it will be remembered, missed. I have to trust that it will. It is a sad thought to think otherwise.


But what about those words that never get spoken – the ones that remain silent, running around in my head? The thoughts that sometimes haunt me in silent moments deep in the night, the ones that fly as if a whirlwind gone before they ever come into sight? Those words and thoughts that I am still trying to make sense of?

I am here, right now, in this spot, in this moment for some reason. A reason I do not know, or one that my conscious mind cannot comprehend – but I know there is a reason, otherwise what would be the purpose? Do you believe that  you have a purpose, even if you do not consciously know what that purpose is? Do you ever wonder, when your voice is silent if others will remember? Do you ever wander along the dark hallways of your mind, looking for a door that you know is there, somewhere in the silence waiting for you, and that when you open that door everything of your entire being will suddenly come into focus?

Do you ever just wonder?

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  1. always.. I wonder..

  2. beautifully narrated thoughts…

    Yes, for your question! All the time! 🙂

  3. This was beautiful and it mirrored so well what I’ve been feeling as of late.

  4. I think you nailed it, Truddle! We all feel this at one time or another, some of us more so than others. I know this wondering well.

  5. Thanks everyone – it is nice to know I am not alone on this one. Something about the cool darker days, seem to make me want to exlore within myself.

  6. We all wonder about out purpose, and sometimes worry we’re missing it.

    I don’t think it’s so much what we do, as why we do it. We may never know our true purpose, in this life-time. But if our hearts are in the right place we will serve it.

    A cup of clean water can mean life to a child. A gift under the tree or a meal on the table can mean hope for a family. A kind word can make an old man a little less lonely.

    It’s the small things we do that add up, and really count.

  7. Since you asked the question I will try to answer it. It’s not an easy question. But I do not find it helpful to spend too much time in my mind wandering around. On a philosophic note I must say that my experience has been that my mind is not actually my friend and spending time with it that is not functional in some way can be depressing. I prefer to meditate and in a way isolate this mind as much as I can. My most positive experiences happen when I am outside of my mind. And this is not exactly the same as being “out of my mind” in the sense of being mad. In an ironic way it is necessary for some of us to be “inside our minds” to be mad. And who wants to go there?
    I hope this has been helpful in some small way and have a great day.

  8. Great photo, so dark and moody. The lines are wonderful.

  9. This is only my humble opinion, but I think that “wondering” is the beginning of “letting go” …your words are as beautiful as is the unfolding.

  10. Thank you so much gypsy-heart – I believe that you are right about the beginning of letting go!

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