Introducing Clover and Karma

You have already met Ty – Sharlyn’s dog and now it is time to meet her two kitties. Clover and Karma. Clover has been here now for about a week, and Karma arrived yesterday. Both are settling nicely – although right now they mainly hang out in the library, Clover has ventured forth. So far everything with her and my fur kids is going well. Dudley has not tried to eat her, Bailey is indifferent, Kiwi is curious, and Zoey ignores her. Since Karma just arrived yesterday we are giving him time to settle before letting him loose in the house. Fingers crossed everyone will get along!



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  1. Awww….beautiful (and cute!) kitties. 🙂

  2. Thanks Robin!

  3. hello to the fur children!

  4. Beautiful babies, and great pics!

  5. See, if I named a cat or any other animal karma, I could pretty much guarantee that eventually it’s first name would be “bad”

    Nice truddle 🙂


  6. Thanks Shawn!

  7. Naaa Ron… I’m betting it’s name would be ‘good’

  8. Boy, you really caught the personality of Karma. Great shot!

  9. Thanks so much Jules!

  10. I met Karma this morning and I just fell in love with him, he has a wonderful spirit to him, it is rare in a male cat and so worried about his surroundings. CLover has definatly settled, it will be interesting to see how the the two female kitties get along.

  11. The introductions will be slow so no one’s feelings get hurt 🙂

  12. Very gentle looking animals.

  13. Thanks David, right now they are so happy just to be here. I have been trying to comment on your blogs and it won’t let me. Hopefully you will see this message.

  14. “Pictures of cats” is an excellent keyword. If you put it in the title a LOT more folks will see your kitties.

  15. Gorgeous kitties! Clover looks like a long haired version of my Smokey that I had for about seven or eight years. He disappeared one day. He went outside and never came back.

  16. So sweet. My 16 yo calico passed away Christmas Eve last year. These shots make me think I may wish for a kitty for Christmas. 🙂

  17. Corina and Barbara I am so sorry about the loss of your kitty’s – I know all to well the heartbreak of loosing a fur kid…

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