Winter Wonderland

Things have been busy here the last few days, and now I need to catch up!

Jamie and I whisked Sharlyn away for a night of relaxation on Saturday — or at least that has been the plan.

Brittany and Teriena wanted to throw a baby shower for Sharlyn, so I offered up my house but told them they had to do all the work.  The date was set and plans put into place.

In order to get Sharlyn out of the house, (if you have known a nesting mama, you know this is not easy) we told her that we were going to take her away, up island for a day of shopping, a night over in a hotel, and then the trip home the following day. (which was baby shower day). We let her know that although it was not going to be a long trip it would be good for her to get away and relax a little bit before baby pickles makes an appearance. It was set that we would leave Saturday morning.

So come Saturday morning we wake up to snow… and more snow, and then some more snow just for good measure. But we went anyway. The place we were going to do some shopping is normally an hour away – it took us about an hour and a half to get there – which considering the weather was good timing. Thankfully my jeep is good in the snow, and Jamie is a good driver, and we were able to get to where we wanted to be without any problems.

We did our shopping, and Sharlyn was able to find an outfit for baby Pickles to wear home from the hospital, as well as the book she wanted to buy for her friend, Raising Baby Greene by Dr. Alan Greene (if you haven’t read this book yet I highly recommend it). When we were finished our shopping we headed to where we would be staying for the night. Another hour and a half drive — it was slow going!

We had a wonderful night of doing nothing – other than talking and watching the movie watership down (The book is much better than the movie) – we all had a great sleep and woke refreshed and relaxed.

We then set the hotel room straight, and packed up and headed out for breakfast. Although it has snowed in the night, it had by this point calmed down, the snow plows had been out, and we expected a fairly quick trip home. Because we had promised not to be in the house before 1:30 in the afternoon, we decided to stop on the way home to buy dog cookies and Sharlyn by this time had decided she would like to stop at Michaels to pick up a few things for Christmas gifts she is working on. When we were done our second round of shopping it had again begun to snow… and not the nice little wafting type of snowflakes… this was very heavy teeny tiny, blizzard type of snowflakes! We were only about an hour from home … but the drive took us two or so hours of very slow going.  The plow drivers who had been out the night before must have been sound asleep in their warm beds by this time as the roads were a mess. Cars were slipping all over the place and several were off the road and sitting in the ditch along the way. There were several times throughout the drive when we had to pull over to let ambulances go by. It was a white knuckle drive home.

Finally we turned on to our road!


We did make it home safe and sound with no problems. There were a few baby shower guests that had managed to make it through the snow and to our house. Sharlyn was totally surprised and we did have a good baby shower. However because a lot of the guests could not make it, we decided that we would do a part two of the baby shower after baby Pickles is born.

Sharlyn Hat2
(Sharlyn wearing her baby shower bow hat)

Yesterday it rained all day, and the temperature warmed up, and all the snow in the picture above is now gone. Now we are dealing with flooding in areas and high winds.

I was hoping to get Sharlyn outside to get some snow pregnancy pictures, but that is not going to happen this time around, as she would just be sitting in a puddle. We are hoping for another snowfall before baby Pickles arrives, just for this purpose.

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  1. It sounds like you had a good trip in spite of the weather! As long as there was some shopping, relaxing, and a safe trip home, I call it a grand success!

  2. I am so glad you are there to help Sharly.. This is such a hard time.. waiting!!! All my best goes to that girl..

  3. What a nice way to surprise your daughter with a baby shower. 🙂

    That snow looks lovely, but I wouldn’t want to have to drive in it. I’m glad you all made it there and back safely.

  4. Coriina it was a wonderful trip, and I forgot to mention – when we got to the hotel we were checked in by Santa!

    Ok maybe he wasn’t the real Santa (or maybe he was), he said his name was Patrick, but he looked just like Santa to me, white hair, white beard, and glasses. It was magical!

  5. Shepet – Sharlyn is doing great and the waiting does not seem to be bothering her one bit. She is keeping busy getting everything ready, and until she deems it done I think she is happy Pickles is just where he is..

  6. Robin – Sharlyn has been through a rough few months with all that is going on in her personal life, so it was wonderful that it turned into a weekend for her. The snow, although a bit scary to drive in added to the magic of the weekend, and she is still beaming.

  7. He?????

  8. He is figurative Shepet… we do not yet know if it will be blue or pink booties… but my gut from the beginning has said boy… so I say he…. if I am not saying pickles… sorry didnt mean to get you excited there LOL 🙂

  9. Sharlyn is a lucky girl, to have so many people wanting to do nice things for her. I’m glad your weekend was a safe successful one.

  10. That picture of Sharlyn makes me smile so much. I’ve got a collection of photos of relatives wearing bows. 🙂

  11. Thanks Shawn — Sharlyn is surrounded by a great support network, and she often lets everyone know how much she appreciates the care and love that is sent her way.

  12. How fun Beth. That would make for a great wall series!

  13. I still think we will have pink booties…..

  14. Pink or Blue — I am happy with either 🙂

  15. I just finished going through your photos. Very nice. You have a talent.

  16. Thank you so much for your very kind comments!

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