Today’s Traditions….

One of the traditions that has carried over since our children were little is the bedtime story. Whenever the grand’s are here for the night, Jamie goes through the ritual of choosing the story of the night, and then settling in he takes our grandchildren to magical places, much the same as he did with our children many years ago.


My heart swells when I look at the above picture. My eldest grand daughter and my husband – in a moment of magic.

The red hair of my husband now showing white at the temples, glasses resting where not so many years ago were none. A reminder that time is passing – moving from yesterday to today – moving into our tomorrows.

We do not know what the tomorrows will bring, but for now we are thankful for today as today’s traditions turn into tomorrows memories!

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  1. what a beautiful picture.. Jamie is such a wonderful man to know that reading to the kids is so important.. I remember when I first met you guys.. and Jamie and Ben trudging upstairs for a story before bedtime.. how special…

  2. … and Stephan too!

  3. You’re so right about today’s traditions becoming tomorrow’s memories. I am finding that things I started with my kids are now being passed on, not to their children as there are none yet, but they are passing them on to their friends and in their own homes. That’s a really neat feeling.

  4. Very nice. How I would love to put a photo of Beth like this up on my blog. But she will have none of it. She pretty much runs in the opposite direction when I’m taking photos.
    Some folks are afraid of the web. I’m afraid of the Walmart parking lot.
    For some reason I woke up chatty this morning. Oh well. Have a great Sunday. And once again Nice photo. Very.

  5. Lovely picture, truddle.

    I use to read the Christmas story (out of Luke) and then “The Night Before Christmas” to my children every year. Now they insist I read it to the grandchildren, who enjoy it too, but I’ve noticed it’s my own grown children who seem to enjoy it most.

  6. What a beautiful picture! A treasure. 🙂

  7. Bedtime stories are such a warm and comfie thing in the first place. It’s tragic that as adults we don’t get to cuddle up and have someone read to us.

  8. This is something that Jamie and I do quite often – We will select a book, and read it together…. cuddled up and yes it is a very warm and comfie thing!

  9. although it turnes out to be a very late night, “the night before Christmas” is the last thing the girls hear before they go to bed… Traditions are very easy to build with kids… they do not forget one single detail.. right up to who put the angel on the tree last year.. he he he

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