A Mothers Heart…

Intertwined in my soul – in my total being – my children have created this mother’s heart.


Teriena – my eldest daughter. Born when I was but 17…. soon she will be 33. The mother of my two eldest grand daughters. A beautiful person inside and out. She has been through, and is still I believe going through rough times. But she has been there for me like a friend. Her and I talk almost every day. She is a very wise woman with a kind and soft soul. You may have seen her name pop up in my blog comments. Teri — terienalynn. New to blogging – still finding her way. Take the time if you will to visit her — she will warm your heart. I have so many things in my heart and soul to tell her – I tell her a lot through my blog. I think she finds the messages – I know she understands. I cannot even begin to put into words the depth of emotion I feel for this eldest daughter of mine.

Shelley (known in my heart as Deborah) – My second daughter born when I was 19, and who I gave up for adoption when she was born (I will share this story here one day). The mother of my only grandson and youngest granddaughter. Over the past few years we have gotten to know one another, and it stops my heart to see how much like her mother she is – in looks and mannerism. Uncanny! She is on her own road to self discovery — even if she really does not know it, she is trying to make sence of all the why’s in the world. You may have also seen her name in my comments – shepet – She is also new to the blogging world and still finding her way. She would be thrilled I’m sure if you would visit. I have answered all of her questions about the adoption, and for the most part I think she understands, but I think there is still something way down deep that she is trying to find the answers for – emotions that she is trying to make sence of – living in two worlds is not easy for her. She will find her way – and perhps through my blog she will find some of the answers to the questions she never knew she had. She is loved – more than words could ever say – I hope she understands.

Sharlyn – My third daughter, born when I was 25 and now 25 herself and soon to become a mother for the first time, with my 5th grandchild. This daughter of mine was born exactly two weeks late, but has not slowed down since. Full of life and calm outlook on life she has been through some rough times in her life, and no doubt will have many more hills to climb. She is the one who is really the daddy’s girl in the family, although as of late she and I have become fairly close. When small she used to sob when she could not go to work with her dad, or any other place for that matter, great big heart wrenching sobs. She has a passion for life that I hope never leaves her. She is a wonderful young lady and will be a wonderful mother to baby pickles. In many ways she reminds me of myself in my younger years – before life kicked in. The range of emotion I feel for this daughter of mine is unmeasurable.

Brittany – My youngest daughter, born when I was 27. I call her my redheaded spit fire. The only true redhead child Jamie and I have and a gemini like her mom and dad, she is full of life, and carries the many gemini traits.  Brittany is our homebody girl, and since she was little liked to be close to home and her family. She has a passion for animals that is beyond this world, soft spirited now that she has grown older, but never one to back down from a challenge. She fights for what she believes in and on most occassions wins. She has the ability to ‘feel’ things much like her mother. The depth of emotion I feel for this youngest daughter of mine is beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Benjamin – My youngest child and only son born when I was 29. Said to have been a twin before he was born, he holds this mothers heart in his hands. A kind and soft soul who is still finding his way in life.  Not one for conflict or seeing someone in his family hurting – be it a sibling in trouble or a pet who is dying – each event affects him deeply. My mother-in-law once said to me, “Watch out for those eyes” back then I laughted, now I understand! I cannot even begin to put into words what this youngest child of mine means to me. I hope as he gets older he will really begin to understand.

And so there you have it – an introduction to my children — the heart of my heart!

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  1. It sounds to me like you have a very lovely family, and they have a very loving mother. 🙂

  2. I agree Robin.

    I have reciently heard a mother say… ” I would love to be friends with my children.. But now is not the time.”

    I love that now I am able to call my mother friend.

  3. Thank you Robin and Terienalynn

  4. lol.. funny how your blog .. makes me want to write.. It is incredible to be apart of two worlds.. so different and yet so alike.. I would never change it.. it is who I am.. Hey.. did I tell you I am gonna be a gramma again?????????????????? Don’t know wether to be happy or to cry.. doesn’t matter biological or heart children.. you really do worry about both the same..

  5. Congratulations on being a grandma again – in my opinion every baby is a blessing. Will this be a brother or sister for Caelyn or is this new baby from one of the other of Robs children?

  6. a brother or sister.. just sort of concerned for the babies..

  7. WOW! Lovely family and big too 🙂

  8. The babies will be fine Shepet!

  9. Thanks bbZuSh -there are days we wish it was bigger then others not… but it is ours and we are happy 🙂

  10. We are both expecting our fifth grandchild. Isn’t that a cool coincidence? I hope you are feeling well today. I thought about your request the other day and so wrote something and dedicated it to you. I hope you like it. And I want you to know that I care a lot about the things that go on with you although it may sometimes seem like I only care about my blog. But I do pray and you are in my prayers. As well as Ron down in South America. Take care and talk to u soon.

  11. David when is your newest grandchild due to arrive? Yes it is a very cool coincidence!
    In fact I was very sick yesterday, so sick in fact I stayed in bed all day – which is so not like me, not much can keep me in bed for a full day. I am however feeling somewhat better today, but I think I will nap soon and let my body catch up with itself.
    I love the post about you and Beth, and hope you will write more like it. It brings a light to your eyes that is wonderful for the world to see!

  12. The baby is due in April. Charlie is going to have a little brother or sister! Hope you are feeling well as this week begins.

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