With this I will move forward — what about you?

If you could see into tomorrow – would you dare to look? Would you be to afraid to take the next step?


If I had only known I ….

I cannot count the many of times that I have wished I could see into the future, to know where I was headed – what was yet to come. I also cannot count the times that I have said if I had only known I …

I cannot change the past nor can I see into the future. It was what it was, it is what it will be.

The only thing I can do is live in the moment, and make the best choices for that moment.  The moments of if I had only known are done – finished – cannot be changed. I did what was right at the time with the information I had. I cannot continue to beat myself up for those things.

Tomorrow will come, and new things will surface. Life will go – the moon will rise and the sun will set. The seasons will continue to pass.

Each day our bank of hours is set to 24. We get no more. When they are gone, they are gone, slipping forever into the yesterdays we cannot go back to.

How many hours have we wasted in our lives wishing we could change something from the past, or wishing we could see into the future? Hours that we gave away from our bank of today?

We can dwell on the things we didn’t say, or even the things we did – but unless we learn from those things and continue to move forward those hours are wasted.

I continue to move forward. This is something that I decided many years ago that I needed to do. Not for anyone else, but for myself. I cannot change the things in the past, I cannot predict the future – I have come to peace with this.

I have learned, the hard way, that before I can forgive anyone or anything, first I need to forgive myself. For the most part I have done this, although there are still a few little things that linger, but I am working on those.

This day only has 24 hours – I plan to make the best of each of them. When this hour is done I will leave it where it belongs and move onto the next. I will try with all my might to make that hour better than this one – and with this I will move forward — what about you?

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  1. I don’t think I would have liked to peep in the future. I love the surprises life gives us, though sometimes, it’s not something you’d have liked.

  2. not a chance would i want to know! great thoughts Truddle.

  3. First, the photo is beautiful.

    Second, we’re on a similar wavelength. I wrote something with similar thoughts today. It’s so personal — honing in on a specific event of my childhood and fast forwarding to the future — that I’m not sure it’ll ever see the light of the public day. It’s not really appropriate for my Bogs blog, and I’m not sure it fits in at Bountiful Healing either. Not true. It does fit with the original purpose of BH, but there are more people visiting that blog than when I started it so I’m a little more shy about putting personal stuff out there.

    I don’t know why I’m rambling on about that here. To answer your question, we have this in common as well. Perhaps it comes with age. I’ve learned to give up the “what if’s” and regrets, to forgive myself for most things (I still have a few to work on too), try not to worry about or look ahead to the future, and enjoy the present.

    It’s a good place to be. 🙂

  4. Good for you bbZush – I hope you can retain that train of thought 🙂

  5. Thanks Terienalynn

  6. Robin;

    First – Thank you – I took that picture this morning in my housecoat and slippers on the frozen grass. It was to beautiful to pass up, the sun coming up through the fog.

    Second: – I find we are on a similar wavelength very often. I have written several things that are far to personal to post to the blog, so I understand you there. Although one day I may post them – perhaps that letting them go out there in the world will help – we will see.
    I am glad that you are comfortable enough to, ramble on as you say, here it tells me that my blog is comforting, peaceful – for that I am glad – for that is how I wish for it to be, a comfortable landing spot for all who visit.

    Im thinking it could very well be the age 🙂

  7. absolutly I would look into tomorrow. Because if I am able to do that I was obviously ment to .. and it would be foolish not to.. I believe that even though we may be afraid of what we see.. it is facing those fears and insecurities that molds and changes us into the people that we are ment to be..

  8. If I could see next week I would probably see what I hoped or feared would happen when it rolls around. Maybe what actually is going to happen is just one possibility right now out of many. And maybe we can influence what does happen by the way we think and the power of our thoughts.

  9. You have a good Thanksgiving too Truddle. Everyone here have a good and restful holiday.

  10. Smart thinking David!

    I will be thinking about all my American friends tomorrow on your Thanksgiving — but I celebrated our Thanksgiving in October 🙂

  11. Oh that’s right. I was doing good too. Didn’t wish anybody Happy Thanksgiving in China or Belgium.

  12. Interesting thoughts, indeed.

    I, for one, wouldn’t peep into the future, for (Not only because I couldn’t, but) I believe that it is cent per cent up to me to decide what future I behold. It is what I do right now, ‘today’, along with what I have done ever since beginning, that decided my tomorrow.
    And the very concept of ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ I gleefully hold in contempt. Why? Because it’s not for the society of traditions to define and constrict me to a 24 hour ‘day’. These are demarcations as superfluously absurd as the boundaries and borders and fences that divide one stretch of land from another, and invent countries. It is a destructive process, with its aim at division. Life, for me, is a continuous, indivisible sequence of evolution which aims at realizing the soul’s utmost capabilities and potentials as a creator.

    And, with this, I will move forward! 🙂

  13. Have a great Thanksgiving Truddle 🙂

    BTW no way I look into the future unless, it’s for sports scores 🙂

  14. Wow Narziss you have given me food for thought, and for that I thank you!

  15. Thanks Bernie —

  16. You’re most welcome! 🙂

  17. Wonderful thoughts, truddle, and much like my own.

    Leave tomorrow in God’s hands where it belongs. Do what you can today, and take with you only the lessons learned and the love shared, when it becomes yesterday.

  18. Good thoughts Shawn – Thank you!

  19. Gorgeous photo!

    Wise words!

    I have often felt that there is nothing to regret, only to learn from. Regret leaves us only with wanting to undo or go back, which are both impossibilities. But if we just decide to file that away and focus on the lesson learned, we can and should move forward.

  20. Thanks Corina – sometimes the fog really works, as it did for me on this morning.

    Very wise words!

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