When Mother Nature has a Plan….

Everything has it’s reasons – Every reason has it’s place. I made this comment on a friend’s blog this morning and it has followed along, tagging behind me as I did my morning mail run, poured my first cup of coffee. I decided that if this comment is sticking this firm to me, perhaps I should run with it, explore it a little further, and so now that is what I am doing.

This past weekend has been a blur of activity. 

We took the upstairs of our house, put it – so to speak – in a brown paper bag and have given it a good shake up. Cleaning, organizing, packing away, throwing out, rearranging and cleaning some more. 

We now have what used to be our son’s bedroom with 3 beds – one double and two twins. All his childhood toys have been packed up and put into one spot in a back corner of his closet. We have one side of the room totally empty. The other side looks nice and ready for overnight visitors if needed.

We have what used to be our youngest daughter’s bedroom emptied of all things left behind. Walls washed down, shelves added. Brittany the said youngest daughter came up yesterday afternoon and went through the closet, sorting and repacking many of her school day treasures. The closet is now empty.

We went through what used to be Jamie and mines bedroom, in the days before the renovation, and have taken out the extra drywall that was leaning against the wall, and various other construction items that were stored there, until we have time to get to them. The room is now a clear run.

All three of the above rooms, are rooms that Jamie and I have been promising ourselves that we would get to – but had managed to put off until we were forced to deal with them. Wanting I think, deep down to kept them the way they were as a reminder of our two youngest children being at home, and a life before the one we have now. Mother Nature had other plans!


Sharlyn our 3rd daughter – the mom of pickles who is due to arrive in 5-6 weeks, is going to be staying here with us. Without going into the details of why – let me say that her staying here also means that all of her worldly possessions will be moving here as well. They will be stored in the clear section of Benjamin’s old room. Carefully packed and stacked most things should fit.  What used to be Jamie and mines old bedroom, will become a sitting area of sorts – a place for Sharlyn and baby pickles to hang out, when they need some quiet time alone that is not the bedroom. Brittany’s old room will become the bedroom for Sharlyn and baby pickles.

Along with all of Sharlyn’s possessions will come Ty her dog, and Clover and Karma her two cats. Making this a household of 3 dogs and 4 cats. The transition will be interesting to say the least. The move of the animals and possessions will take place over the course of the next week or two.

All of the baby cloths have been washed and sorted into sizes, and are all neatly put away on shelves in preparation of baby pickles arrival.  The crib is set up, and the cradle is ready.

This situation is but one of many that has been weighing heavy on my shoulders this last while. But making the final decision of what is going to happen, has brought a certain amount of peace to Jamie and I as well as to Sharlyn. As hard as this situation has been my daughter has a look of peace in her eyes again – a peace that has not been there for a long time.

So thank you Corina for your story about the sliver of glass – it helped to make sense of where I am today!

Everything has its reasons – Every reason has its place.

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  1. That’s a beautiful photo of your daughter. 🙂

    Final decisions, and coming to terms with what life has handed out, are usually a big relief. I’m glad you found some peace and relief in yours. 🙂

  2. Thanks Robin!

    This is but one of many things that we are coming to terms with – the others will bring more peace and relief in the days to come.

  3. Sharly looks beautiful pregnant! I want to know more!

  4. Shepet this picture was taken in the summer, she is a lot bigger now, but still very beautiful!

  5. It’s nice you’re able to help your beautiful daughter find her peace.

  6. 5-6 weeks! I am so excited to finally get to meet baby Pickles! I hope all your other decisions bring you as much peace once they’re finally made.

  7. Me to Gortday – Me too!

  8. Thanks Shawn – the one wish I have for all my children is peace!

  9. Beautiful!

  10. Sandra thank you – it is amazing how our children hold our hearts in their hands!

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