One more piece of straw… and this camel’s back will be broken.

Do you ever feel like you are swirling out of control with no reason – no beginning – no end?


This is how it has been for me the last week or so. So much unrest, so many things unknown, but at the same time relief that these things are starting to settle, and knowing inside that closure is not far away.

I had to take a few days away from my blog – to give my brain a much needed mental break. Although all things are not yet fully resolved, today I feel better. Much more at peace with myself. Knowing that I am on the right path. Knowing that the things in my life are happening for a reason, and with purpose I will move forward.

As I was browsing through my pictures I came across this one – I knew I saved it for a reason. If I could put a visual to how I have been feeling this is it!

I won’t bore you with details, at least not yet. I need to head to the kitchen and get dinner moving. We are cleaning carpets upstairs tonight and still have some furniture to move out of the way – so if I want it done I need to push that X button on my computer. More to come soon.

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  1. I’m glad that you are more at peace. I find a step away from the 2.0 world can be refreshing at times. Life IRL can be overwhelming at times.

    Stay peace-filled.

  2. I think this picture says it all. When I read about how you are feeling, the picture underscored it and I knew how you were feeling.

    I’m sorry things have been so unsettled and confusing. I’m glad you are feeling better about things now. I hope you keep feeling better about it each day.

  3. Bibliomom I think I stepped away for a few minutes from my blog simply because I did not know how to explain what was going on….. My muse took a mini holiday so to speak.

  4. Corina sometimes we have to allow ourself to experience the moments, even if those moments are hurtful. It is those moments that make the peaceful ones all the more brilliant.

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