Some dreams are meant to be…

Yesterday on my walk about, (yes I am still doing the loop)  I was trying to notice things that normally my eyes would pass over.

I came across some very colorful leaves, some flowers, birds, but the one thing that caught my attention, and took my breath away was when I rounded the corner to the garden and I came across this scene…


In an instant I was transformed back to 1973 – back to 16 years old – back to the days when my biggest worry was the math assignment due the next day.

Glistening as if white gold – handle bars like a wild sheep’s horns – my 10 speed – my freedom – my way to fly!

It may sound odd – but to that 16 year old girl with the long blonde hair it was everything in the world she wanted. It was a way for her to escape from the world that was closing in on her, it was her stab at freedom – for a time it was her reality. It represented everything she wanted to be, every thing she was, in ways at the time, she did not even realize.

Life moved on –

Several years ago my dad brought this bike out to the farm. “I thought you would want your bike, maybe the kids would like to ride it”

There was a silent internal gasp of horror as my eyes took in the scene before me. The handlebars had been modified in a ghastly upright position, there were fenders where there were none before, and a basket had been added.

The indignation of it all!

“I rode it for a time” my dad explained “but I had to do a few modifications to make it work for me – how you ever rode it the way it was I will never know”

I just smiled, but somewhere way down deep my heart broke a little that day.

This past spring Jamie was doing some cleanup around the farm, loading stuff to take away to the dump. He had quite a pile collected, bits of metal, old fencing and such. “What do you want me to do with that old bike?” he asked.

“Keep it” I said.

He never questioned that fact, or even asked me why, and for that I am forever grateful, for it would be to hard to explain.

I will never ride that bike again; but I will never get rid of it either.

My bike is leaning against the garden fence now.

I think I will clean it up, perhaps repaint it. Maybe with Jamie’s help I can get the handlebars back to how they were, take off the fenders and remove the basket. Maybe I will prop it up in my garden and let the bean plants grow up through the spokes – or perhaps I will put it in with the roses, and allow the roses to create a blanket over it – but I am not getting rid of it.

Some dreams are meant to be held on to – this is one of those dreams!

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  1. no way should you get rid of it, i like the thought of letting the roses put a blanket over it, that would be beautiful!

    I wonder if at 16 someone would tell you how your life would change in just a year, if you would have believed them.

  2. I like the roses idea to Teriena – and yes I do think I would have believed them.

  3. Your blog is so beautiful. I was able to catch up finally! I love to read into the soul you pour so beautifully.

  4. Snow thank you so much for your kind words, I am glad you were able to stop by.

  5. beautiful shot!

  6. I like the idea of letting roses grow over it. It just seems so appropriate somehow.

  7. Thanks Ankush, can you see the shiny white version standing there like I can?

  8. You are so right Robin — I am planning a new rose garden…. I look forward now to spring!

  9. I wonder if i should donate ‘those’ shoes or shorts to the collection.. LOL

  10. hmmmmmmm… nice thought Teriena

  11. hey there
    long time no see about
    thought I would visit you here
    Love your story
    brought a tear to my eye
    and a memory to my mind
    thanks for making me think
    Lisa from Scrappersisland

  12. This is beautiful… I’m 17 and I love my bike. Not that I’ve time to ride it :/ But still, I’d want it to be around. Just like by toys and children books, though I don’t use them anymore. I still have my first teddy (missing an ear) near my bed. Or my first doll. They just remind me of days of the past. I loved this post.

  13. Lisa good to see you. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for visiting!

  14. Thanks so much bbZuSh your words mean a lot to me!

  15. You are so Young! 16 in 1973! I was an old man by then. But speaking of young women I have a big favor to ask of everyone. Jordin Sparks has a new music video out. I have only watched it maybe ten times since yesterday and it’s wonderful. It is getting some decent stumbles but deserves much more. I hope it will get it! You know where to find it!!! Please. Please. Please.

  16. We should all hang on to our dreams and let them mold into the life we now have. I had a ten speed that I bought with money I earned working in a stuffy office all summer long when others were out enjoying the school break. I was fifteen. I still remember the day I knew I had enough money for my bike. I’ll have to write about it. You have inspired a post.

    Fix it up the way it was when you rode it. Just hang on to it. Put it some place you will see it and be reminded of your dreams … don’t forget not ever let them die.

  17. Ha David I wish I could only be ‘so young’ — I did the SU for the Jordin video 🙂

  18. Very wise words Corina – Thank you!

  19. Wow! Just a little while ago I was writing my daily blog entry about how I used to “fly” on my bicycle down I95 right after they built it but before they opened it. I swear I didn’t see this post before I wrote that. Those were magical times, weren’t they? When we could “fly.”

  20. Magical indeed Bunny — I wonder why we have to loose that?

  21. I really really like this post and I stumbled it so hopefully others can enjoy it too. I never know if SU is going to work or not. But your writing is really coming along well. You have a mystic’s eye and a writer’s heart. Have a great weekend.

  22. Thanks David for your kind comments!

  23. I was cleaning out my fathers garage after he died and I found my bike, I decided to to take it home because it had meant so much to me as a child and was going to give it to my son. Of course he hated it but I made him ride it for a few days anyway to make me happy, and that pretty much made me happy so I went out and bought him a new one and put the old one in my garage. Go figure..oh well it was nice while it lasted.

  24. This was wonderful to read and I loved the bike shot.

  25. Bernie do you have yours hanging on the wall or at least somewhere that you can get a glimpse of it once in a while? I hope so.

  26. Thank you bibliomom!

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