Past – Present – Future

It was a good day yesterday to stick my nose out the door – so nice in fact I put my shoes on and took my feet out as well! Dudley, Bailey and even Kiwi joined me, as did Sharlyn – so it was not a quiet walk of reflection but enjoyable just the same. We did the driveway loop two times.

For years I have been curious as to how far in distance around our driveway was.  Thursday, Jamie brought home the measuring wheel from work – now we know. 1/5 of a mile from start to stop. This 1/5 of a mile includes a steep hill, no matter which way you walk it. This is good to know.

I work on the computer – from home. I work very long hours every day – I don’t get the benefit of walking to work – or from the car to the office. I also work most weekends. The point being I don’t walk enough! I am going to start walking, and when my knees are accustomed I may start jogging… but even if not, I will be happy to walk.

In past times I walked everywhere – sad that I stopped – I pay for it now – but I am going to fix that!


I didn’t leave the house yesterday without my camera, and the picture above seems to capture my mood of this morning. (Past, Present and Future is represented in this picture – the seed head, the flower, and the bud.)

It was fun walking the loop with Sharlyn, talking about days when she was just a little girl – pointing out the ‘remember when’ spots on our walk — talking about days to come when baby ‘pickles’ will join us on walks.

Past – Present – Future, – – – each separate, each connected, each joined into one.

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  1. sounds like me when I talk about walking again! I used to do so much.. and then life happened! Glad to hear that Sharlyn is doing well.. is she still staying with you??

  2. Well, i certainly don’t have time to walk. Only when I’m going for tuitions or something like that… That’s so true when you say:

    Past – Present – Future, – – – each separate, each connected, each joined into one.

  3. I hope you’re able to keep that resolve, especially through the wet, cold months.

    It does make a difference. It’s energizing. With that energy comes a different outlook on things. A better outlook!

    Much luck!

  4. Walking is one of my favorite things to do. Loops are nice because you can pay attention the first few rounds, and then let yourself drift off after that if you want to.

    Lovely thistle. 🙂

  5. Shelley it is important, as I have found over the years to not let life get in the way of living…

  6. bbZuSh – remember to always take time for yourself. It doesn’t have to be walking it can be anything, but it should be for you.

  7. Robin, walking is one of my favorite things to – I just allowed other things over the years to take priority – I am taking that back now.

    I liked the thistle too Robin, because it shows the past, present and future – with the seedhead, the flower and the bud…. all lined up together…

  8. Scout I hope I can keep that resove to – I know it will be very good for me, mind, body and soul!

  9. Neat image Truddle, I try to walk at least two miles a day if I am not out hiking and shooting images.

  10. Thanks Bernie —- I will be happy with a full mile 🙂

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