A promise to myself…

birdIt looks like it is going to be another wet and drippy day here in Truddle~land – a good day for staying inside or is it? I thought the same thing yesterday until a break in the rain and a funny noise outside prompted me to stick my nose out the office deck door… and look what I saw. Such serenity!

It is so easy this time of year to shut ourselves up into our own little world, and close the door to everything that is happening beyond. We can fool ourselves that the world outside of our safe sanctions, has stopped, and is standing still until we again dare to venture forth.

I made a promise to myself yesterday, one that I hope I can keep. I promised that no matter how I am feeling, or what the weather is like outside, I am going to take a moment or two each day to venture out the door. I may not go far or for very long but the timing is not so important – it is the vision and the sense of self I need to pay attention to. It is up to me to make up the moments of my day – to see new things, to appreciate the old and discover the new. To see things if you will, with new eyes, new excitement, new enthusiasm – vision in a whole new light.

The more things stay the same, the more they are changing – I don’t want to miss the moments that are waiting for me. Do you?

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  1. A lovely little birdie. I agree with what you are saying. And the weather is almost the same around here. No sun. But overcast and cold. And not too uncomfortable outside if you have a warm coat on.

    We have so many comforts inside including this computer which can reach out for thousands of miles it is easy to say why go out? But of course it is much different to take one step outside than to roam around the world on a computer.

    It has been awhile since I have picked up a camera. Tomorrow will be the day to go out and capture something. Hope it doesn’t rain.

  2. David – even if it is raining go out! Put on a rain coat and dress your camera in a shower cap and go at it … it will be good for both you and your camera 🙂

  3. what a beautiful photograph.. and how true.. the more you hold on to a moment the quicker it seems to pass through our fingers. It is yucky weather out here as well the snow has all but melted leaving a vvery wet and dreary day.. but on the way to walk the kids to school there was a whole flock of birds in a huge tree.. hundreds of them.. getting ready for their trip south.. was pretty cool to hear them planning their trip!!

  4. What a site that must have been Shelley, did you get pictures? No snow here – to early in the season for us!

  5. what a cute little birdie. nice photo.

  6. I agree Truddle. Life is just too short and goes by too quickly for us to miss a moment of it.

    I love the shot of the little birdie. Very inspirational.

  7. Sometimes days go by when I don’t leave the house. A couple of weeks ago, I didn’t leave the house for five consecutive days. I went outside on the sixth day and realized that the world had changed. The leaves on the trees were fewer and the colors around me were changing. The air smelled clean and fresh. The wind was crisp and sobering.

    I decided that on the days that I don’t leave the house, I can at least sit out in the patio for a little while. That way I can feel the freshness and the crispness of nature around me. Instead of knowing it is windy or breezy because I can hear the windchimes around my house, I will feel the strength and mood of the wind.

  8. Thanks Ankush!

  9. Thank you so much Scout and Corina — your words – both of you are so encouraging —

  10. Nice photo. And nice to go walking with loved ones. Jeremy and I did that on Saturday also. Way up in the mountains. We get to do that maybe twice a year. And it didn’t rain!

  11. I find that there are several types of walks. I like the one you describe the best!

  12. I couldn’t imagine being in to long, I would go crazy, need my outside fix daily.
    Neat bird shot as well 🙂

  13. It used to be that way for me to Bernie – and is starting to be again. I’m glad!

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