The Dance

Fair 2007 082_edited-1

Laying my head on your shoulder
I close my eyes and let the music fill me
I drift along not knowing what is going on around me
not caring, at this moment if the whole world should happen to fall.
Just glad to be here, in your arms
Listening to the words of the song
feeling the beat of your heart
my soul is at peace, even if just for a moment
not thinking on the yesterdays, nor the tomorrow’s
just living in the moment
I allow the music to take me away
In this moment my heart begins to beat
and my soul comes alive
and it is so nice, not to have to say any words
for I know you understandI know you are feeling it to
And the music comes to an end
again I feel lost within my mind
of tragic hearts – lost souls
I sit and wait, for the music to play
its sweet lasting melody
Living in this moment, to be in the next
when again the music will play
and again I will dance,when I will dream
when I will love
when I will live


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  1. beautiful words.. thanks for sharing them..

  2. Thanks Shelley!

  3. This is beautiful….

  4. Thank you so much bbZuSh!

  5. Beautiful words indeed 🙂

  6. Thanks Bernie!

  7. Beautiful words and the flower is perfect. Wonderful.

  8. Thank you David!

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