Distant Memories…

Well between this cough, and the time change, I am back to waking up early – which gives me a little more time this end of the day — which since I am a self proclaimed morning person anyway, works for me.

It was a good weekend, although we pretty much stuck around home for most of it, with me working on the computer and Jamie working outside it was nice. We both managed to finish the tasks we had set out to do. I am thinking that next weekend though the two of need to plan something out of the house. Perhaps a drive up Island to one of the big parks for a hike on one of the trails – time to get my camera outside for awhile! Although this time of year I might have to have a shower cap in my pocket on standby! (for my camera – not me, although one for me might work too – since if I am holding the camera I won’t be holding an umbrella)

I have gotten a lot of good pictures with this new camera – most are either living on my computer – or on a disk. I need to get some of these printed out – put into albums – into scrapbook pages – into frames – somewhere, anywhere – they deserve to be seen! I also need to go through all of them and decide which ones I want to keep and which ones can be tossed. Even Photoshop cannot help some of them, — not that I have had the time to play with Photoshop or anything – so maybe it could — maybe I will hold onto them for just a bit longer, just in case.

Thinking of this… there are many other things that I need to pull out of hiding. Several things which were packed away at the beginning of the big house renovations we did – things I promised myself I would pull out again when the renovation was done – I need to do that – I wonder though what those things are? It has been so long they are most a distant memory now, but I know they must be important- otherwise I would not have packed them away with such care.

I am thinking that there are too many things in my life that are packed away with care – things that deserve to be seen, things that deserve to be told – things that are important to me in one way or another – things that could become important to others as well. I wonder why it is that we (and yes I am including you here) keep these things – things as in memories, stories of days past, small trinkets – to ourselves. Precious memories hidden in the corners of our minds – memories that if we do not share with another will fade away as each of us will one day do. 

Food for thought.

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  1. very interesting train of thought, it doesmake one wonder. somethings can be better hidden though.

  2. … when hidden I find they become a treasure to be found…

  3. don’t ever hide things.. if they are important let them shine.. often we hide things so that it is just us that can enjoy them.. but if we share them.. does that make them any less special??? Just something to think about.. take care.. thinking of you.

  4. I’m a self-proclaimed morning person too. Another item to add to “the list.”

    Interesting food for thought to chew on. I’ve been pondering what to do with all of my photos. I started having some of them printed, but it was starting to get expensive. At the same time, I do have quite a few that could be culled from the (ridiculously) large collection.

    Sometimes I think life was easier when I took photos on a camera that requires film and having that film processed.

  5. Robin – I am really starting to love ‘the list’

    I print my own photo’s now since we purchased a good printer just for that reason. I find it simpler somehow than running to the photo finishing store. In the long run less expensive too. The quality is as good, if not in some cases better. I think I will hit up the dollar store and see if they have any good frames.

  6. My daughter, a budding photographer, has her entire laptop memory taken up by the photos she has taken over the past three years. She won’t put them on disc. She prints some. She uploads many to her flickr account. But in the meantime, she cannot do much on her laptop, except surf the web and IM with her friends. I’m trying to get her to back them up on CD or DVD or even on to one of those web based storage units. She’s holding out for a new laptop with a larger hard drive.

    Let’s see who is more stubborn.

  7. – to be that young – that carefree – to know that the world waits for you… ahhh the joys of being a teen. One day she will learn….

    Stay stubborn Corina – it the right of a mother!

  8. Memory is a gift–a full file cabinet that will warm us one day.
    What a blessing to know that God created our minds to remember!

  9. A blessing indeed – I find I dig into that filing cabinet a lot!

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