A New Month…

Can you believe that we are already at the start of a brand new month?!?!? It seems the older I get the faster the months go by. For me at least this year is just flying by.

So now Halloween is over for another year – all that is left now is to finish cleaning up from the walk, take the pumpkins up to the horses, and make sure we are stocked up for the fall and winter fires.  As much as I love spring and summer the days after Halloween and before Christmas are some of my favorites. Life just seems to slow down a little bit and the break from the rush is wonderful.

DSC_0096 copy

I was out an about a few weeks ago with my camera looking for some fall color – disappointed that there didn’t seem to be much of a show this year – until I spotted one of the Oregon Grape plants growing in Dudley’s yard. We have this plant all over the farm, and Jamie’s mom used to make Oregon grape jelly, in fact I made it one year too. Not sure why I stopped, I think picking the berries was a pain… but I think I will have a go at it again next year – life permitting.

You know, I thought when the kids were all grown I’d have more time in my days. Ha not true! There always seems to be something going on with one or the other of them that keeps my time tied up. Perhaps I am to big of a softy, and I need to tell them firmly enough is enough already — but seriously I suppose if it bothered me that much I would. I love having the interation I do with my kids — particularly these days with my 3 youngest – but yes there are times I miss the quiet of just Jamie and I. But I know that day will come again, and when it does I will miss the now.

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  1. time does seem to go by too quickly.. and I see it when I look at my children.. how they have grown and matured.. it is sad sometimes, knowing that my youngest will be six in only 14 days.. where does the time go?? This is the time of the year that I feel most melencoly.. fall is over and winter has not yet begun.. Like being in limbo. Miss you.. xoxo

  2. Lovely photo. Very nice colors. You are doing a great job here. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I go thru this transition period of soul searching. Like the changing of the seasons in a way.

    Things will work out. And in the meantime I will definitely be checking out these photos you are taking. They are good.

  3. Shelley how can she be six so soon?!?!?! — you know we miss you to!

  4. David thank you so much for your kind comments on my photo’s and blog. Both seem to taking charge and leading me in the direction they want to go. Those transition periods can be rough, but worth it in the end for sure, and soul searching always a very wonderful thing.

    Again – Thank you for your kind comments!

  5. I have had some bad news.. My spring trip there isn’t gonna work.. I am so sad… another time I guess… kiss Sharly for me.. and that baby pickles.

  6. … Shelley, you are just way to far away!

  7. pretty pictures of the oregon grape leafs, i think the pain when it comes to making jelly is the mess it makes, and what little you get for all the work, I do remember the jelly yumm…

    Shelly! Email your old sister! xoxoxo

  8. Thanks Teri – to me the biggest pain comes in the picking, since the berries are so small it takes a long time to pick enough for a batch of jelly.

  9. time sure does fly…beautiful photo.

  10. It really does… thanks for your kind comments Ankush!

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