Happy Halloween!

So the Halloween party and walk all went very well – even though I was sick and missed most of the fun. Jamie and I did the walk set up Friday night and Saturday during the day and haunted at night. I’m afraid to say that I did a poor job of haunting this year as this bug hit me hard, so mostly I sat at the picinic table and tried to stay warm and awake!

However the party went on, and everyone in attendance had a wonderful time. I am not sure of the head count – but I believe it was around 100 people or so… give or take some. Included in the evening was fireworks – which I wish I could have gotten pictures for… but oh well there is always next year right?

The bonfire was great and it kept the guests warm throughout the night…


A lot of the credit for the party has to go to my two youngest daughters – Brittany and Sharlyn, shown here as Fall and Winter.


So that will bring to a close the Halloween walk and party for this year – lets hope for a bug free Halloween next year!

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  1. Ohhh Happy Halloween! I love the idea of Fall and Winter! The pictures are great!

  2. Thanks Bibliomom — they had friends that were spring and summer to… Very creative that lot!

  3. it sounds like fun was had by all!


  4. I’m sorry you were ill, but it looks and sounds like it was a good time anyway. Fall and Winter are beautiful. 🙂

  5. Thanks Robin 🙂

  6. Yes it was Teri – Thanks!

  7. Sorry it didn’t go exactly as planned but it looked like everyone had a great time. Next your it will be better 🙂

  8. Thanks Bernie I am sure next year will be much better!

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