Halloween Past…

 I thought you might enjoy a walk through Halloween past…. I posted this several years ago on my old blog, but since many of you have not seen my old blog, I thought I’d give it to you again, so you can get an idea of what the halloween walk(s) are all about. Enjoy!


What a perfect night for a Halloween walk! Guests were not due to arrive until 10:00 pm – time enough for those that were attending to finish up work, go home and get changed in their halloween attire. We had set our clocks back the night before thus giving us that extra hour of darkness. No rain, but a light fog had rolled in.. enough to dampen the light of the full moon, but not enough to totally obscure the moon itself. Perfect!

You have to remember that we live at the very end of a dead end in the country road – might I add a road where there is no streetlights on our end. Although our road is long and straight, the road goes up and down with a variety of hills, with the bulk of the houses living near the start of the road. Just as you think the road is about to end there is a large hill down with our gate at the very end of the road.

On one side of the road just outside the gate is a dense forrest, and the other a large field. Anyone not used to the country darkness would be lucky to see their hand if held up in front of their face – but the moon helped us out this night, giving just barely enough light to see where one was going.

As the guests drove down the big hill towards our gate the headlights of the cars would have let them know this was the gate they were heading for.

As requested by Sharlyn when she gave out the invites the guests all parked outside of the gate.

As one walked towards the gate they would notice that the gate was open enough to walk through – all eerily quiet – interpreted only by the occasional “who who” of the resident owl as he moved from one tree to another as if following close to the strangers on his land.

As you walked inside the gate you would notice the ribbon you were to follow – yellow caution tape lined both sides of the driveway from gate entrance to the cottage. Just inside the gate on either side of the driveway were  the gate keepers – soon to be named the ‘its’ by all who attended.

Each ‘it’ was dressed totally in black – including the hood the covered their head and face – each one holding a scythe – ready to pounce at the indication of a wrong move. Were they real? Or perhaps just statues meant to trick the passing visitor? If however they were statues, whey did the heads turn as one walked by… now the adrenaline is starting to kick in…. the imagination we have found is the best prop of all! Each one that past quickened thier pace just a little bit.

As your eyes moved to the left, up on the hill – is the house with red lights coming from all of the windows, curtains frayed and torn moved in the slight breeze – this must be the haunted house!

To dark to run in unknown territory – feet fought to keep a steady pace, a nervous giggle could often be heard escaping out of dry throats.

As you eyes focused on the chair ahead that held a collection of pumpkins, flickering with the candlelight from candles carefully set inside of each….just enough light was cast to move you forward.

Ahead you can see a turn in the drive… you know you will soon be turning a corner… and just as you get your wits about yourself, telling yourself this is all set up, just decorations to create the mood for the party you are walking towards…. from the oak tree a floating ghost appears with an eerie blue cast of light it makes some oooooooo noises… calming your nerves you remind yourself that this too would be a prop…. and then you turn the corner….

 Ahead you see a never ending run of more ribbon leading you on your way. You must now as you turn the corner walk between several buildings…. and although there is a distant noise all looks safe… until you walk though a line of dangling cobwebs –  it appears that the walk has just begun, but you have come to far to turn back – you can do nothing but move forward, secretly hoping that it will end soon.

 …as you brush the cobwebs from your face you catch movement from behind you… was that something slipping into the shadows, your heart races as you turn to see more candles flickering in silver containers on the rocks you had just past… as the light flares and dims in the slight breeze you are sure you have seen hands … just hands, many many hands reaching between the rocks of the small rock wall that edged the curve of the walk…..and the noise … what is that noise?From what seems like far away there is a low glow of blue… you move forward, wanting to run, but knowing that if you do, your feet are sure to hit uneven ground… you move forward with a steady pace, as quick as you dare…. the large building to your right looms high, blocking out the light of the moon, what little there is of it….to the left is a smaller building… and the ‘haunted’ house can still be seen with it’s eery red lights….As you pass the large building you can see that the door is open… you just know that there will be something there, and as you brace yourself for what is to come… and just as you thought there hanging in the doorway is a skeleton with blaring red eyes… a prop you tell yourself… just another prop…

Just as your heart calms from its quickening pace to your left in the smaller building there is a scraping noise… not wanting to look but to afraid not to you turn your head to see metallic movement… you don’t linger….

Moving past these two buildings is almost a relief… until you notice to your left the ‘haunted’ house is again in full view from it’s perch on the hill… with yet even more red lights and frayed curtains… you try to look forward but other than the faint blue light coming from a distance it is to dark for your eyes to fully comprehend what is yet to come. …

Suddenly just as your ears are becoming accustomed to the quiet of the night, and that forever insistent who who of the owl who seems to be everywhere, you hear a scream and a wolf howl… was that thunder… where did that music come from… you now realize that you are right next to the ‘haunted house’ – if you reached out your hand you could touch it – and what appears to be a garage with no door…. you decide that this is where the noise is coming from… the forever changing noise, of screams, wolves howling, thunder… and moans.. ohhh those moans. A nervous laugh escapes from your ever increasing dry throat….and now you see the source of the blue light you had seen, what seemed like hours earlier. 

A large side hill all cast in a very faint blue… with crosses and faded flowers.. and.. and .. something is moving in there… this is a graveyard!!!

Over and over in your head you repeat the word prop… prop… prop… prop…

You can see two white/blue ghostly figures… you hurry… you no longer care… you just want it over… your feet move quicker… you are almost at a run… not knowing where you are going you trust in the ribbon that has been your companion through out the walk….

Another corner…. with a larger curve this time… but to dark still to see beyond… other that the faint light of the moon that is shining through the trees and the fog of the night….

Soon you see more light on your left, from what looks like lanterns…. as you get closer you realize that these are skull lanterns… you have seen them before… but reality is slipping away…. you follow the ribbon….on the left.. under what appears to be bushes you can see glowing eyes of several creatures… bright red glowing eyes…. no larger than the head of an unsharpened pencil…rats! you think to yourself… again you repeat the words… prop.. prop… prob… suddenly the ribbon ends.. and there is what appears to be another gate…. but not just a normal walk through gate… you move forward…. there is a small opening… it is dark… not even the moon is helping you out now…. you move forward….prop…prop…prop…

You hesitate… and then from the darkness of the shadows you hear a chainsaw…. this is not coming from the same place as the other noises were… this is definitely a chain saw and it is coming from the brush right behind you… or is it coming  from the graveyard… or… your mind quickens in fear… and you rush forward even further…

A maze… you are in a maze… you feel your way through finally making it to the other side… you notice more pumpkins to your right… and hands… to many hands… coming up through the earth, laying on the ground… and an axe….

Just when you think that you cannot take another step forward or back, almost frozen in fear as your imagination races… you see the cottage….

It is light enough now, that your feet, as if with a mind of their own, move into a fast run… you have arrived at the party!

Throughout the party as you take the time to mill with your friends outside on the deck… you catch glimpses of the ‘its’ as they move to and fro through the trees. Never moving very fast, never speaking… just always there. . . you are safe… safe that is until it is time to go home….

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  1. I think if I had been invited on the Halloween Walk, you would have had to call the morgue to come pick me up because I don’t go in for scary stuff. I would have died about two footsteps inside the gate.

  2. HA HA then we would have had to use you as one of the Props! Even being the ‘haunter’ it can get a bit spooky – but tons of fun, and so many belly laughs for Jamie and I.

  3. I wish I could say it sounds like fun but the last time I was out in the dark, late at night, horrible things happened. But at least I got to meet Boo so not all was lost. 😉

  4. Who is Boo?

  5. Very creative and very cool, Truddle. 🙂

    I’m a little like Corina, though. Not very good with scary stuff. I’d have had a heart attack. LOL!

  6. Thanks Robin — we are in full production swing tonight and tomorrow… lots left to do… but should be a good night —- we could have you helping us haunt rather than you getting haunted 🙂

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