Crazy Busy….

As you can well imagine things here are crazy busy, and will remain so for at least the rest of this week and beyond… but wanted to throw in another update so you didn’t think that I had forgotten about this blog.

 First up – my mom is out of the hospital, they released her on Monday, and she is now home to finish getting her strength back. She is still pretty weak, and shaky but doing better beyond that. Dad is learning than he really can cook!

The Halloween haunting is starting to take shape, and I will be able to share pictures with you soon…  according to the weather man, it will be a clear night for the party – no rain – no wind – which is very good news. The moon will either be full or very close to it which will also add to the walk.

Watch for more updates and pictures very soon!

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  1. I’m glad you’re mother is better 🙂 And tell your Dad that it’s never late to learn to cook 😛 It helps… (I dunno how to cook though 😛 )

  2. Thanks bbZuSh! Do like I do with cooking throw things in the pot and hope for the best – no one here has complained yet 🙂

  3. Glad you mother is doing better 🙂

  4. glad your mom is doing better truddle… 🙂

  5. Thanks Bernie and Ron!

  6. I am so glad to hear that gramma is doing better.. wish I was there to help haunt with you.. that would be too much fun!! How is Sharly doin.. why on earth would you call my niece or nephew pickles??? is there a story around that?? is Sharlyn craving pickles?? hope to hear from you soon.. so far a trip to the island in the spring is a go.. can’t wait to hear how the halloween thing goes this year! give my sisters and brother a big hug and kiss for me will ya?? xoxox

  7. Very early on in Sharlyn’s pregnancy yes she was craving pickles… or at least eating a lot of them, maybe not craving them par say as they were always around… and yes that is where Pickles stemed from, and it stuck … much better than It in my opinion. I wish you were closer… but what is – is – I have come to accept that.

  8. So glad to hear mom is doing better. It’s difficult I know. My father told me today he was going to have several operations soon. I’m enjoying your Halloween stuff. You really do live in the wild. You must have wild animals arriving from everywhere on a regular basis.

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